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coconut yoghurt


slow but steady!
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does anyone know of any syn free or even low syn coconut yoghurt?

every time i see that new advert for perle du lait (sp??) yoghurt - you know the annoying one where the woman moans about sour yoghurt don't know what strange sour yoghurt she has been eating?! it makes me crave coconut yoghurt!!

any help much appreciated!

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Well all the coconut yoghurts I've seen are high in syns. How about taking a vanilla yoghurt and adding some coconut essence? There is a thread in the recipe section on substitutes for coconut milk and you'll find links to sites where you can buy it.


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For once it looks like I have the best choice in France! I can get several brands of fat free, no added sugar coconut yoghurts. One brand is "Sveltesse" which I believe to be Shape - it's either Danone or Nestlé (not sure which) so maybe have a look at these brands in the UK. Otherwise, as has been suggested, coconut essence in plain or vanilla yoghurt or fromage frais (& sweetener if necessary)
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i tried them yogurts in asda ona taster stand they r lovely but i looked at calorie counted and theres over 100 cals in each one can't remeber how many gonna go look on sw online if i can remeber password
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When at Morrisons yesterday I saw Onken Coconut yoghurt but didn't get it as thought it would be high in syns, I've just been on SW &
Onken BioPot Yogurt, Coconut Limited Edition 450g pot[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
17½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 17½ Syns
Green 17½ Syns
[/FONT]When you think you'd probably have 50grms per serving not too bad :eek:


slow but steady!
S: 12st1lb C: 9st8.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st6.5lb(20.41%)
thanks guys! actually meant to post it on the main board but love that i got replies here anyway :)

its a shame they don't make syn free ones here i know i would certainly buy them! maybe try the onken as a treat and make sure i don't eat it all at once lol! or try to get some coconut essence! thanks for the advice!



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I looked up the nutritional information on daily plate for one pot of Perle du Lait coconut and put the details into the syns calulator. As it's not low fat, I don't think it contains any healthy extras. It came up at 7 1/2 syns for all three days.

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