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Collars on kitties

My two kittens are definately jekyl and hyde characters. They're SO naughty sometimes, and often run under your feet so i have put some kitten collars with bells on them.

Do you think this is ok? They are the easy open ones that will spring open if they get them caught.

Also, my OH is calling them horrible names cos of their new bling :) Do you agree he deserves a slap? (The human not the cats!)

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Collars are fine on kittens (the quick release ones are great), mine has had a coller on for 18 years, I have also taken the bell off as well!!! It's great cause if she gets lost I have a disc which says she is chipped and my mobile number which gives me great piece of mind when she goes wandering off.
I need to keep the bell on cos they keep getting accidentaly kicked as they run out from behind things when they hear us coming. Feel so bad!

They look well cute though :)


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Don't feel bad about keeping the bell on, I only took mine off cause she would run around all night at the bell kept me awake. Your kittens will soon get used to the bell and collar. :)
I love the photos of your cats, it makes me want a kitten again
I've given up with my cat- the other day he came in like Rambo with it on his head! He is going to have to be naked again..
Think we need a pic of this :D

My two are clever. Alfie grabs Rufus' collar, Rufus bites it too, and they can pull them off!!!


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Love kittens and cats. Not too long ago I had 4 elderly cats. In the last 2.5 years I have lost 3 out of 4 and the last one is looking thin and frail - almost afraid to take her to the vets just in case....x

Love Alfie and Rufus x


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One of mine used to climb onto the spindley branch of one tree to reach the birds on the other tree (much stronger). The birds knew that even though he was only about a foot away waving around on the branch, he had no chance of catching them x
I got a kitten recently - a gorgeous ginger tom called Alfie!

I brought him a coller - it's a kitten collar with a bell and it's also a quick release one too. I kept the bell on so that I know where he is!
you hear alot of people saying that cats shouldn't wear collars, and i think it's daft!! they are designed not to choke cats, i however think there better if there the ones with bells on, ones where the cats can be seen in the dark.

it's the same with flea collars, people say cats shouldn't wear them either just in case they try to chew them! mine have flea collars, and they have never tried to chew on them.
Collar Tree ?!

I've got 3 young cats and lots of birds and trees in my garden.
The cats keep coming home (thank God)
without their collars. It's costing me a fortune in collars, bells,tags and magnets!!!
We never find the collars. I'm sure they must be decorating a tree somewhere !!



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my cats open doors .. and woke to find them in the middle of my xmas tree one year i thought someone was in my house i nearly died lol ... came down to find the tree on the floor and things moving inside i thought i had gremlins in the house .....
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My kitten is now 5 months old and she has worn a collar since we got her at 12 weeks. In fact the bell is a blessing so that when she hides under the bed and tries to grab ankles on our way past we have time to dodge (well most of the time). The dog also hears her coming and moves quickly!
They're now 9 months old and have had a collar on ever day since I got them. They have their new collars on that Santa brought them at the moment. When I take them off to brush them they chew on them, it's rather cute to be honest :)
anyone have a way of keeping a collar on a cat? (besides stapling it on... hehehe I'm kidding!!!!) my gorgeous little girl wont keep hers on - she gets it off and hides it and we dont find it for three days!!! at the moment she doesnt have it on... but she will have to again... she doesnt really go out of the garden, but one day she might (she's 11 months old) and she is chipped and registered but I worry about the wildlife... and not being able to find her, of course... (of course, part of me is very proud that she is such a clever kitty haha, she has so much personality!)
my cat macbeth was awesome when he first got his collar with a bell on.. he just couldnt work out what it was, tried to attack himself and the such like.. but now hes totally used to it.. only took him a couple of days.. and he has tried to pull it off.. but just cant.. your cat must be much more clever than mine.. is it tight enough?

My DH brough our cat a pink leather type collar yesterday with a pink flower on it! :D
It cracks me up cos she's such a little tomboy and looks like butter wouldn't melt with her new collar ;)