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Come on us slackers - 3 word game for Inspiration help!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive been very flat and lifeless lately ( no amount of drinking L'oreal shampoo has helped)

Ive noticed a few of us with lost mojo's so here is a thread to get us all back on track!

You have to describe yourself in 3 words as you were / felt at top weight and then 3 words of how you will be / feel at target.
Here goes:

I was - Blobby, Self Conscious and Grey :(
I will be - Slinky, Confident and Sparkly :D
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Too big to fail
I was: embarassed, unhappy, hopeless
I will be: strong, healthy, sexy
Ooooh, I like it...

I was obese / self-conscious / insecure
I will be healthy / sexy / obsessed (with SW ;))
Oh biggysmalls, you beat me to it! And snap on two of the will bes :)
As I've put a few extra pounds on I'm currently feeling:

Lethargic, flabby and bleurgh

I want to get back to target to feel:

Proud, confident and energetic

For me, the extra half stone or so has made a huge difference to the way I feel, carry myself and my energy levels so I need to shift it!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good ones jaylou.......erm is bleurgh an actual word?;)
I couldn't think of anything other than the way I feel right now!!!!

From the Urban Dictionary....

Bleurgh is just a word, though possibly more of a noise, expressing total disgust at something there, or about something said (and that's just how I feel about my tummy right now!!!)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Then i agree that bleurgh is indeed a viable word!


Too big to fail
lol prawnsuey, great minds think alike! Was quite hard to do this using only single words...I think I normally never use one word when I can use ten instead!
But healthy and sexy very important eh?
And as for bleurgh.....I know exactly how that feels! xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Lol heather bell - slinky is my ultimate ambition!
Ilovelife - yours rocks!
ooooohh I like this -great idea Moomin

Well I was:-
  1. lethargic
  2. sluggish
  3. "hiding"
I AM:-
  1. optomistic
  2. focussed
  3. buzzing
I will be:-
  1. fit
  2. invigorated
  3. unstopable :D
This is a great idea!

I feel

I will feel
*incredibly proud

I know that the last one is 4 words, but I need to quantify the proudness that I will be feeling when I have lost all that weight.
I was/am unattractive, ashamed and embarressed.

I will be gorgeous, healthy and proud.

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