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Cookie douuuughhhhhh!

As I'm having the worlds
Crappiest/longest TOTM I am majorly
Craving some sort of comfort food (usually Ben n jerrys cookie dough ice cream) . I couldnt stand it any longer! Thank heavens I found an atkins advantage cookie dough bar!!! Amazing!
If any of u get the TOTM munchies I strongly recommend it! It's only 2g net carbs. I'm feeling very bloated last few days so don't expect to see a loss on Sunday unless the curse disappears. Xx
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Ohh. The hormone munchies. :eek:

I am glad you found something.

The chocolate decadence is the one that works for me.

Hang in there, just imagine the loss when the bloating goes LOL


This is for life
Hang in there beth - and well done for finding a reasonable substitute:D


Clean green leafy machine
Oh Beth you poor love, been through a horrid totm too - tg for atkins bars :)
rosebug said:
Ive been so tempted by those. Do they really taste like cookie dough?
I think they do yeah! Best Atkins product I've tried so far. I have the strawberry daybreak for brekkie when I have to be out early and they r ok. The Atkins brownie bars aren't very Pleasant tho. Xx
where where where WHERE did you find these?!?!


Clean green leafy machine
Tesco, Boots and the Low Carb Megastore, hun - the latter has the full range - some sound lovely but aren't worth the price. Some are fab and I would trample over my grandma to get them :)
also avidlite.com sell them in bulk of 15's for slightly cheaper... good for stocking upthe cupboard for those days when your in a hurry. and they seriously fill you up!!! sometimes i cant even finish one. i have had 2 this week when ive been to busy getting isobelle fed to feed myself. make sure u get the advantage ones and not the enduldge ones as endulge arent induction friendly x
I refuse to use avidlite after the amount of trouble I have had and the sheer snottiness of the woman that runs it.

I have always wondered what they all taste like I cant afford to try them all. Which ones would you recommend? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the choc hazelnut one
im lucky enough to have an independant "diabetic shop" in my town that sells them in there "low carb corner" only discovered this shop 2 weeks ago and have lived here for 15 years!!!!!! they sell sugar free low carb homemade fudge!!!!! too scared to try it incase i binge!

i recommend cookie dough and chocolate orange.
I didn't like the choc orange. I am missing peanut butter so I was tempted by any of the peanut butter flavoured ones!
Hazelnut butter has half the carbs and is gorgeous on a mim Jools. Or in fact just eaten straight from the jar. (Somebody told me this). :eek:
Stir into hot cereal to add protein and healthy fat
Puree with ricotta for a luscious dip for apple and pear slices
Substitute almond butter for tahini in hummus
Replace peanut butter with almond butter in cookies
Add to cheesecake batter for an awesome almond butter cheesecake
Make almond sauce instead of peanut sauce for satays or other skewered foods
Stir almond butter into stews for a rich thickness
Spread almond butter on toast and top with bananas
Make an almond butter wrap filled with cucumber, red onion and sprouts

Google :)

I've never heard of almond butter before. I like the idea of using it in Satay chicken to replace the peanut as OH has a peanut allergy.

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