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crimbo preperation !


Silver Member
Hiya guys n gals,
Well i finished worl yesterday until jan 4th WHOOOOHOOOO so yesterday i sprinted from one job to the next and today i cleaned like a crazy woman all my ironing mountain has been obliterated i have been through my house like kim and aggie on speed .

So my dilemma is ..........

what the f**k am i gonna do tomorrow ! I am already bored i now have my holiday time stretched before me and its looking kinda empty ho hum .
I have had 3 glasses of red wine which has taken the edge off but can i realistically drink thru 2 weeks !
Answers on a postcard please ! lol

So how are your crimbo plans coming together !

lotsa luv Julie xxx
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Oh Julie, I can only say I wish I was you and had your dilemma. Good on you! Hope it rubs off on me in a mo.

Beam me some of your vigour over the internet please! LOL

Dizzy x


Silver Member
Hi D&M ,
Write me a list ( i will check it twice lol ) and i will sort all your christmas stuff out .
Coz i am bored i am actually sitting here now thinking what have i forgotten shall i go to town tomorrow, there must be more things to buy !

Which pressie did i forget to buy? who has been so good this year they deserve an extra pressie? (me lol) Do i need another christmas outfit ? Worst of all i am thinking if i eat some of the food i will be able to go to tesco and get some more .... SOMEBODY SLAP ME PUHLEASE !!!!! xxx


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Don't worry It's safe no nuts have passed my lips tonight ( although it's still early ;) lol )

I allowed myself a little drinky winky this evening but no naughty food !
I have been 10 days without bingeing now and damn i feeeel good (as mr Brown says ) lol xxx
You sound really excited for Christmas Kandy. Sure you will have a fab time. Enjoy the chance to relax tomorrow bet you'll be busy on 'the big day'.

Dizzy x


Silver Member
I am really looking forward to christmas this year i am going to my sisters and she has a little baby ( a real one not a doll ) for me to fuss over all day and my 2 babies 11 and 13 are really excited my hubby has a face like a smacked ar*e so we are all on course lol !

Hope you are set for a fab crimbo too hunny !! xxx

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