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i got my crisp maker yesterday and had them as a HB (left the skins on). I am on a green day today and have made some to munch later when the kids are in bed! They are a bit morish though :)


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I tried to make them a few years ago but they turned out a bit soggy. I will look into getting one of those microwave crisp makers and try again. they are free on green aren't they?


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yeah they are free on green, i leave then skin on mine and have them as a HB on a red day too! The first lot i did were horrible, i didn't cut them thin enough or cook them long enough. I have it perfect now and i love them!

I do like Golden Wonder lights too and only 4.5 syns a bag! :)
I just made my crisps and they turned out lovely (especially the crispy ones) LOL. I am going to try doing the slices in my food processor for a more uniformly shaped crisp, I am just not steady enough to cut them by hand evenly! :) But they were quite nice. I just used salt and pepper, what does everyone else use to season theirs?

Salt and sometimes garlic salt
I've bought one on e-bay (£3.69 including p&p) can't wait for it to be delivered!! as a bit of a soy sauce addict do you think you could use that on them? xxx
Don't do it!!!! My crisp maker experience ended with indigestion and a trip to the hospital lmao- damn you Ruthy and your crisp maker!
I made some yesterday and they were quite lovely, but I had to cook them for about twice as long as the instructions said!!

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