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Daughters and their Fathers......


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I'm sure we girls all try to find a partner that is like our dad.......my DH doesn't look like my late father was, but he has so many qualities like him and the same interests too.

My DSIL is also a lot like my DH in many ways.

What about you, did you look for your 'father' in your partner?


One lady who I think did just that, and married him is Hannah Waterman.......

We all know her father is Dennis Waterman (New Tricks, Minder actor) - and Ricky Groves (SCD & Eastenders) is Dennis Waterman all over again I think - same facial features, same cockney accent, they are both actors and they are both funny too........

What do you think.
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interesting post. My husband is very similar to my dad in as much as build - much taller than I, big built etc. But personality wise very different. My first husband was the complete opposite of my husband, couldn't find 2 people more different.



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Oh yes I agree my husband has many of my dad's qualities loyal, fun, hard working, detrmined however they also colude on my moods (affectionatly called the 'dark side') and how to bring me round mostly make me laugh - first time I went to the 'dark side' he rang my dad for advice to bring me round!!! Not that I'm stubborn at all!
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I certainly didnt intentionally look for anyone like my dad,but it turns out my OH does have some similar personality traits- even more interestingly he's my 2nd hubby, the 1st was nothing like my dad and we didnt last! perhaps there's something in it at a subconcious level


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Absolutely not! BUT! He snores like my Dad! And I'm sure the older he gets the more he's morphing into a clone of him! Deaf (when he wants to be!) and always in trouble! But totally good natured. If only he was as tidy and prepared for jobs and cleared up afterwards like my Dad! Perhaps it's Freudian?
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Certainly not!!! Mind you I hate my father so it's a good job really lol...

Reminds of the saying people look like their pets... in which case I resemble a jet black fluffy cat haha xxx


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I've never gotten along with my father. Throughout my childhood I was invisible to him. As I got older he changed and tried to make ammends but it was too late. So a very big NO but I can see why ladies would chose a spouse smilar to their GOOD fathers. Lol.

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Oh Donnie,

Now I think about it my present hubby and my dad are quite alike and share important things like values and family and both are inteligent and articulate.

First hubby was less like my Dad and it didn't last so perhaps there is something in it.