Step2 810kcal DAY 1 and kinda scared.

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    :eek: I have so far had 2 shakes and dont feel hungry, i've said i'm kinda scared becasue i dont really know what i'm doing yet...... what do people usually eat and how do you make up your meals? I know I can have chicken and or something else from the protien list but what about the vegtables can I mix these as long as the overall weiight is right, and what is the weight on the vegtables I think i'm being blind.....
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    Aw, don't be scared! :hug99: This is going to be fun! Watching all your excess pounds melt away, feeling all your clothes get looser, feeling all self-righteous while everyone around you carries on eating all the wrong things and getting fatter... :D

    Did your consultant give you a book? If not, ask for one, cos all the amounts of food are in there. You can have 80g of veg from the list. Not a lot if you have broccoli but a veritable mountain of lettuce. ;) And yes, you can mix your veggies up to the 80g, so you could have 40g of mushrooms and 40g of cabbage, for example. The same applies to the protein options, so you can have half your allowance of cottage cheese with say half your allowance of chicken. Helps to keep things interesting!
  4. Tillyann77

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    Thnak you Lily, I did get a book, but I was not sure on the mixing. Im not great at reading and sometimes read things wrong if its not worded How I would want it to be.... Your explaination is crystal clear and a huge help. :D
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    Hi TillyAnn, first of all well done for finding the motivation to do this :)
    I waa put on 810 due to my high BMI but I have to admit the extra meal a day is what keeps me sane!
    I wasn't too encouraged by the list of foods given but if you read the recipe thread on here it gives you some really good ideas.
    My family are vegetarian so my main sources of protein have been Quorn, chickpeas and red lentils. Out of the vegetables I have used mushrooms, cucumber, kale, spinach and broccoli.
    One great tip I found is to split your yoghurt and milk allowance and use the yoghurt in cooking which is great as it acts as a sauce!
    I often use it to make a raita with sliced cucumbers and chopped mint,especially when I am making patties with the chickpeas and veg.
    Another tip is to use lots of herbs and spices! I ensure I use cumin, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coriander and mint when I can to make the food more flavoursome. It's not Michelin star food but I love the fact we can eat something fairly satisfying whilst knowing it's good for us!
    Other than that, lots and lots of water and rest! I've been having dizziness (went away and came back) and diarrhoea (lovely!) on Monday and yesterday. On Monday I made the mistake of having my shakes closer together which I know caused it but I was so careful to space them out yesterday and still had it in the evening so need to speak to CDC about that later. Tonight is my week 1 WI - so excited as I feel lighter already!

    Best of luck and let me know how you get on :) x
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