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Don't read if you are squeamish


hoping for a good loss
I have a horrible cold and curiosity got the better of me. I had to google the caloric value of snot rofl. Am concerned it will be bad for my diet........well have had a scare.

Found a site with this.......

"Important constituents include the mucous glycoproteins, other secretory proteins, serum proteins, lipids, salts; water makes up 95% of mucus by weight... Respiratory tract mucous glycoproteins are large, extended molecules, which have a high carbohydrate content. They are polydisperse, with variation occurring largely in the content of sulfated sugars and sialic acid."

High in carbs!!!!!!!!!!OH NO!!!!!!!

Sorry guys, but had to share:D

Charlie xx
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Why Be Normal?

I couldn't resist reading once I saw the title. You're insane.

Unless you are sucking down someone elses' boogies... I doubt it is an issue. Afterall, it was already inside of you. You'd just be shifting the location from sinuses to tummy to thighs (in my case everything seems to wind up on my thighs! I'd have boogie thighs.) Blow your nose -- hack it up! LOL



hoping for a good loss
I do blow lol, but lying down at night it all runs down the throat and I have no control over it then pmsl


hoping for a good loss


Going From Flab to FAB!
ewwwww goodness me ! i was doing ok until "as long as your not eating it" ..

eww eww


hoping for a good loss