Dots gone AWOL...


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im not having much luck with my cats this year...Jacob died and now (NEW CAT) Dottys gone missing...

phoned all the welfare places, phoned the vets, distributed a missing poster to all the houses around sign of her..

she was lying on me and we were watching TV together on Monday night, i pushed her out about 10.30 pm for a late night wee, and i havent seen her since..

wonder if she just got pissed off living with us, and has found a better home?
yehh, i hope so. dont like to think of her out at night when its cold and wet. just hoping she got shut in someones garage. (havent seen anything squashed on the road)

ps: love the shoes on your avatar...went to a club on Sat night and the pole dancer was wearing something like them :)
Cats always find somewhere warm to hole up in whilst they're sulking lol!

Cheers re the shoe! I've got a pair like them but I can't walk in them (erm they're kinda bedroom shoes hehe)!