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dr who

I'm a Doctor Who fan. I must admit I'm a pretty hardcore David Tennant fan but I do think Matt Smith is doing a brilliant job. I'm really enjoying his version of the Doctor and I love Amy, I think she's great.


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yeah me to i think amys a great assistant to the doctor, wasn't sure about matt but in the last two episodes hes coming into his own in his new role as the doctor,


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I loved David Tennant as the Doctor and was heartbroken when he left, but the new guy Matt Smith is not doing bad at all.. Sorry to say he is not quite a pin up (he might appeal to the younger fans ;) ) but so far am liking him a lot.


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Loved Dr Who ever since I was little but just can't get away with the new Dr. so have stopped watching it :cry:

Matt Smith is excellent. I really didn't think I was going to like him, but I do. I didn't think I'd ever say this. Because I loved Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as The Doctor, but I think Matt Smith is my favourite.

And I like Amy Pond as well.

The new season is looking like its going to be awesome too. Can't wait for the next episode.
I <3 Dr Who - never thought I would but I fell in love with th Dr and Rose lol, been addicted ever since


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I love the new doctor who! Saturdays EP was a bit on the weak side though. I had super geeks on my Facebook complaining that the pirate the boy cut just seemingly dissapeared... I didn't notice to be honest lol.
The Pirate episode was a bit .... rubbish. Clever, but rubbish lol I am expecting great things from this season though. I was a bit of a Tennant nut when I first got into Doctor Who and it took me all of last season to warm up to Matt Smith, but he's very good, and ... I really do have high hopes :)


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I love Doctor Who! Like many others I wasn't sure about Matt Smith at first, but while he's no David Tennant I do feel he's really grown into the roll...and, of course, you have got to love Amy. You can keep Rory though. I'm fed up of the number of times that man has died! If I didn't know better, I'd think he was Captain Jack regenerated. :p
Haha, they do keep killing Rory.
Personally, I like him though. He's a comic relief kind of character, but I think he's very sweet.


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In a way I feel sorry for the character dieing all the time and all he's put up with dealing with crazy Amy, but then he also gets right up my nose. I'd much rather they kept River on full time and have done with it. I find her character quite interesting, if somewhat engimatic.
Which would perhaps become a lost quality if she were on all the time? :p
I'm dyyying to know who she is. :/


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Perhaps, but a good writer can still maintain mystery even with a regular cast member...which lets be fair, River pretty much is since she's in virtually every 2-parter now. For example besides that Rory is a nurse, married to Amy, and clearly has a death wish, we don't know all that much about the character. ;)
I think his dedication and determination are a big part of character, off setting the clumsy butt-of-the-joke elements. Last season it was all about Amy ... And her crack (lol!), so there's def room for character development for Rory. Three in the TARDIS never really seems to works long-term though, remember Mickey?
River and The Doctor have fantastic chemistry. Love the banter. Maybe they'll write her in permanently once we get past this big is she his wife/is he the man she murders/ect business :p


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I was quite impressed with Rory on Saturday, surprisingly...maybe a little out-of-character being so protective of that cloned girl, but nice. Hopefully he's maturing a little and not being so much under Amy's thumb. Assuming he survives to the next episode, that is. lol.

Oh my, Mickey...that's one character I'm glad left. Hated him with a vengeance. No wonder Rose left him for the Doctor. Annoying bloke verses crazy bloke with a blue box. No contest. :p