Easter Sunday - Egg or no Egg?? x


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Hi all
well its Easter Sunday.....has your bunny been??

For those of you who are unsure what typical calories are contained in Easter Eggs here is a quick lowela down for you:

Average Hollow Easter Egg (100g) = 530
or half a shell = 265

Mini Egg (e.g Creme Egg) = 175

Malteser Bunny = 157

Some of you may be thinking to just blow your calories today as "its only easter once a year!" but my advice would be to just eat a small amount of your egg today and spread the calories over the next few days. (easier said than done..i know!).

Lets look at what you could be eating for the same amount or less calories as an egg:-

Big Mac = 490
Chicken Chow Mein (600g) = 516
Sausage & Egg McMuffin = 450
Chip Shop Chips (200g) = 478

Now i dont know about you but i would rather eat one of those on my list than a chocolate hollow egg today!

Lets see how much excercise we would have to do to burn off that Easter Egg.

Running 5.2mph = 45mins
Swimming (breastroke) = 40mins
Cycling (leisure) = 2 hours
Walking (mod pace) = 1.5 hours

Hope all the info helps - and i havent ruined your Easter Sunday!
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Thanks for this

I've not indulged in any chocolate eggs yet, and I wont, but yesterday I went ott and had 3 bars of chocolate which equated to 1000 calories, normally I only eat 1000-1200 cals a day, so it kinda put in in perspective. Oh and I also had a chicken fried rice from chinese which I estimated at 500 as I don't have a clue how many cals are in it.