Extremely Handsome Guys...


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I bring you - Till Lindemann

Feast your eyes!


I need a lie down now.

Does it work??


Wow - what an incredible video!! A whole new slant on a classic fairy-tale!

(and you're right - there was a delectable array of eye-candy on offer!)
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Pierce - my hat tips!

My favourite album of all time - Mutter...

RussianDoll - oh yes...the vid is a classic.

There aint a day that goes by where i dont wish i was the woman from that (Sonne) video :)

God, Rammstein needs to be listened to LOUD!

Is that a trick question to see how i am devoted to my chaps (Ich Bin) or Ich Will?

Cos i aint falling into no traps!! :)

I love them guys.

er hello? i don't get it!! hahahah

what/who were we meant to be looking at?! Sorry Ivy that was completely lost on me!!
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