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F*** - Oh's expensive Tops, - now pink.

In my fuzzy daze of illness i put a load of washing in the washing machine with intention of putting on and sorting out today.

so i wacked in some arial colour wash on 40 and have just taken it all out to reveal my Oh's shirts are all pink. not even just a hint, full on pink, thanks to our bright red hand towel that somehow got in there. Hes not here right now (thankgod) but all his clothes are very expensive.. iv pinked 4 shirts, 3 lots of socks, 2 pairs of boxers and a vest. I can garentee about £300 worth. Iv just put the affected items back in the wash on a light wash on thier own to see if i can salvage it but i dont know what to do?

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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
These things happen hun - it's not life-threatening, no-one got hurt and as someone else has said you can get some colour-run which should help! I'd fess up - that's just me though - and try to rectify it as best you can! Pink is the new white if all else fails xxx
Hmm. i think im just going to lie through my teeth should he find out before i have a chance to rectify the problem.. and if all else fails i will just cry and remind him of how poorly i have been.

Im an awful girlfriend huh!
Tell him you bought him some new pink clothes and the guy in the shop told you they're selling like hot cakes! Lol.

Julz xx


Silver Member
the colour run remove stuff does work - I had to put them through twice though but it did work! I now always add a colour catcher to every white wash just in case I do something similar again!
Yes the colour run stuff is very good, but if all else fails, then perhaps you could dye the items another male friendly colour? x
hmm.. well i used the dylon stuff and well, its still pink (albeit slightly less fushia lol) - maybe one more wash and then il give up! - OH is slightly less annoyed.. lol
good luck honey - ive had a brand new white top dyed a horrid grey colour by new denims!!! gutted.

i used a dylon one - they are in the supermarket by the colour catchers etc....hope it works - mine still had a tinge of the 'off white' look to it - like a old bra (haha!)

Least pink is a fab colour - xxx

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