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Fao Kel


Gold Member
missed you too :)

im good chick

did you have agood weekend in bpool.

guess what?!

im getting married in 17 days :D


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Blackpool was 'ok' drank and ate loads back on it today!!

MARRIED.......17 days.......whats happeend to next year????????? WHYYYYY did i not know sooner!!!!


Why did you move it up?

Are you sorted?


:D :D :D :D


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im not even supposed to know yet so shhhhh lol

Luke has been a COMPLETE ARSE this weekend and i really thought that he was gonna call things off

but hes brought the date forward.

EEK :eek:

i still dont know most of my details but i was in tears to my friend and she accidently let slip!

im still in shock!


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he was trying to throw me off scent.

its utter madness



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about a week before, so i can have the fitting and stuff

eee this is soo weird lol.

luke and sweet were words id never of thought to put together!


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Wowww!!! you must tell me when he tells you kel!
OMG you must tell me how u react!
How are you going to react when he tells you btw?
i have absolutely no idea lol....

im not a very good actress

my heads stil spinning from it all!
i have no idea, i really want to ask him but obv at the mo i cant.

im gonna end up saying things in the next few days i dont even know where im getting married lol!
mmm yes and no.

i really wanted the whole size 12 thing, but im happy with a 14

and i like been in control and im obv not

but i love the silly tit at the end of the day so i am happy :)


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Haha made me giggle that kel!!
Make sure i get to c piccies missus lol!!!
Right hun im going to have to get off ive got to go back to work :( so ill speak 2 you soonies and remember to update me with any developments! xx
ill be on FB to night so will do.


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