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Fasting blood tests???


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Hi all,

my GP wants me to go for a fasting blood test. I have the form, and want to go up tomorrow morning (Friday morning). How does this work with CD?? Is it going to give accurate results or will being in ketosis alter any of the results??

The reason I'm going is because I have been having palpitations. Well, they were during my last few weeks at Uni when things were very stressfulk so the GP and I are pretty sure that they were stress related - I haven't had any for the last week, and before then they were getting less and less after the end of term. However she wants to check everything just to be sure.

I had an ecg yesterday and also my blodd pressure was up so i really do want to get this blood test done. I have finally gone into ketosis and so it would be a shame to have to come out of it, however it's also important that the tests are accurate.

Thanks for any input!!

k xx
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Normally with fasting blood test your blood is taken then you drink a really sugary drink then 2 hours later they take your blood again.

The sugary drink will take you out of ketosis.

You need to let them know you are on a VLCD as the viscosity and density of blood changes when you are SS.

Blood sugars normally drop when you are SS, so its best to let them know this also. Take with you your SS booklet.

It may be worth a call to the CD medical officer 01536 403344 and ask for Gill Walshaw.



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I have been for fasting tests, and you just have to stop eating the night before at 9pm and only drink sips of water after that... might be good when you actually go for your blood test to mention about VLCD though for them to make a note of it for the lab... but it is nothing to worry about!Talking of blood tests that is where I am off to now....Love


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Hi Kangy,
Fasting blood tests are either done to test glucose tolerance or cholestrol and other fatty acids (lipids). Given you had an ECG test done recently and your BP is high I suspect they want to test your lipid status. Being in ketosis will not affect either tests so don't worry about it. Just wait until after the test to have your shake/bar or whatever. You can continue to drink water (not coffee or tea) until after your test but not in as graet quantities as usual on the diet.
Good luck and tell us what happened.
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I had one that was for blood counts and didnt involve sugar solution drinks, all was ok whilst I was SS and they told me to continue as normal.

Is it a glucose tolerence test or just a standard fasting test??

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