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favourite books and films ???


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Hiya folks, thought I'd start a new thread before hitting the hay.

This thread has nothing to do with FOOOOOOD or CD, thankfully.

What are your fave films and books?? Biography, fact, fiction??

I don't get to watch films much (at all really) or read books but it's nice to swap notes for future purchases.

I'm currently reading THE WASP FACTORY by Iain Banks. It's a gothic horror, I'm only half way through it so I don't know the ending yet.

I'm also half way through Elaine Lordens book, (Lynne Slater from Eastenders).

I like comedy films, National Lampoons vacation (whally world) used to make me roll about laughing. What are your fave books and films??
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What a fab idea for a thread. It'll be interesting to find out what everyone is interested in and share what we think of book/films etc. I have so many favourites so i will post tmrw when i am more awake, lol.

But off the top of my head 3 of my fav fillms are: The Italian Job (the original version), Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me.

:) xx


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oooh yeah, stand by me...what a film, not seen it for years.

Italian job, is that the one where they have all the mini coopers racing abut the place?? I've only seen part of that film.

S.Redemption, heared of it but mustnt have seen it.

I too am extremely tired hun, been meaning to log off,,,so addicted to minimins LOL deffo off to bed but a few more films to think about....

*Family man (Nick Cage, is hot hot hot)

*It's a Wonderful Life - THIS FILM IS THE BEST EVER FILM, especially around Christmas time!!!!

*City of Angels (Nick Cage)

*Con Air (Nick Cage)

wow,,,,there will be more added to my list.....didnt realise how many films I like. night night xxx


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Good idea ... takes our minds away from the diet for abit
Always takes me a while to read a book cos i read few pages and put the book down then i get back to the book sometimes weeks later i get so sleepy reading but i'm into books of true crime and true ghost stories too and i also like watching most Haunted . The film National Lampons Vacation , made me laugh so much where he was on the round about over here and he couldn't get off lol
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Well I'm reading harry potter at the moment! the last one :) But I do keep falling asleep whilst reading as well, so I'm only up to around chapter 6 :) Other than that I love books by Marian Keyes, Catherine Alliot and John Saul, I tend to find an author I like and then stick with it! :)

Films well that's another story!!!

Favourites are:

The Family Man
Muppets christmas Carol (how sad am I!)
Wizard of Oz
Bridget Jones
Nanny Mcphee

I'm really looking forward to seeing that new Bourne supremacy film, oh and Shrek 3 (I love Shrek!)

Also if you haven't seen Click you should rent it, great film! Made me cry :))

God there are so many more, I could be here all day :) Its really difficult to pick favourites! :)

Looking forward to seeing other peoples in case there's any classics that I've missed!! I've always intended to watch Its a Wonderful life, but never have! and I love Nicholas Cage films as well ;-)

Ii almost forgot The Notebook !! Great great film!! I bought it by chance as I was getting 3 for a tenner at blockbusters ex rental sale and I needed a third and that ended up being it. It was about 6 months later that I found myself with a spare afternoon and watched it!! and I loved it :) Definately one to watch if you havent seen it! :)

Take care

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I think soon the only DVD 's we will be seeing is work-out ones soon to tone up the flab hehe
ooooo, cool thread idea!

But... you do have a spare few hours to read my reply?? lol I will try and keep it short - movies esp. are my passion... I watch(and own!) far too many :cool:

My treat for doing well on CD is in a few months to buy myself the 44in tv I've been wanting - gets me more excited than the thought of a plate of fish and chips :eek::D

Anyhow... books, I read anything and everything - my two favs are trashy romance ones - Danielle Steel, Catherine Cookson etc - can be read in a few hours and doesn't take any heavy thinking; or I prefer crime whodunnits - eg Mary Higgins Clark, oh and James Pattersons new one is sat on my coffee table right now calling my name...:rolleyes: housework first!!!

Movie-wise, I think keeping an open mind is best - I will watch anything once, rather than dismiss it - If it's cr4p then I don't mind saying so lol! But sometimes you can be surprised... I watched Ghandi recently and was thoroughly impressed...

My brief recommendations if ever you're at a loose end and in need of something to while away the hours:

^ Pollyanna
^ White Christmas
^ It's A Wonderful Life
^ Shawshank Redemption
^ Green Mile (good film and book!)
^ Mission Impossible 1,2 or 3
^ The Notebook (as said it's a great film, and Ryan Gosling is cute!)
^ The Labyrinth
^ Cars :D Saw this first in NY and watched it umpteen times since!
^ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - watch it, love it!!!!! I used to make my bro practise the dancing with me :eek::rolleyes:

Will watch this thread with interest, always looking for some good recommendations, esp. bookwise...

The last book I got advised to read was the Da Vinci Code - the film sucked, the book was even worse - didn't finish it which is unlike me, but after 4 attempts at reading it, finally gave the book away to someone who read it and promptly said 'wow wasn't that amazing' :rolleyes: Think I missed the boat on that one!!

tinks x

ps all Disney films are musts - whether you've got kids or like me just a big kid at heart!!
Its got to be dirty dancing for me, I like the chick flicks

And the only books I read are Meave binchy, have read all of hers and of course Harry P

I`m not into reading but I do like those.:D
OOOOOh I also like the Labrynth, but only because I like David bowie as the goblin king ( as my boss would say) he`d get it oooeeerrrrr.
Don`t like him normally though lol
omg, I have just watched HOTEL RWANDA, shocking, shocking, great film but oh my god what the people went through :( And it was only 12 years ago too.

On a brighter note.......I do love STITCH (one) , I'm getting into the Disney Films again...we love Disneyworld and so does our little girl, she's 2 1/2 yrs old. I'm trying to get a copy of SNOW WHITE at the moment, dd is always asking for Snow White, she's never seen the film she just wants to see Snow White, it's very expensive on Ebay for the genuine article. Anyone rate the imported versions??


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Yikes, I'd need a whole website to list all my favourites :D

Books - well I read 4 last week as I prefer reading to most of the rubbish on TV :rolleyes:
Very difficult to narrow down favourites :
  • all Iain Banks and Ian McEwan books I really enjoy
  • crime thrillers from Ian Rankin, Patricia Cornwell, Elizabeth George, Karin Slaughter, Jeffrey Deaver, Jonathan Kellerman - and a few others :eek:
  • all Robert Goddard mystery/crime books
Some of the more classic books :
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Remains of the Day
  • The Reader
  • Life of Pi
  • In cold blood
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Catch 22
I could go on for pages, but that's prob enough .... :D

Films - where they're based on books I almost always prefer the book, but top ones :
  • American History X
  • Remains of the Day
  • The Cider House Rules
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Chicago
  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
  • Rocky Horror
Enough to be going on with ;)

Mrs Roch

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Just catching up with threads - hadn't seem this SJ...

Haven't read through the whole thread yet but will do tomorrow..

Favourite Author is Marianne Keyes: Watermelon, Sushi for Beginners among others.. I patiently wait for her next novel to come out and then read it within about 3 days...

Used to love Jacky Collins and Jilly Cooper when I was younger but haven't read one of theirs for years...

Favourite Films: Hairspray's got to be on the list now, having seen it last week but I do love the musicals like Grease, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever. Doris Day is a big heroine of mine so love all hers particularly Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk... Full Monty, Hitch, 50 First Dates, Notting Hill (love the dinner party scene), Casino Royale (first James Bond I've ever watched and purely because of Daniel..)

I'm sure this list will expand once I've had a proper think.

This evening is airless, I'm so hot sat here typing...

I've off to bed to try and cool down...

Night all...

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