Feel so Ill!


Is thinking positive!

I have bad chest infection (I think..going doc's tomoz) and also feel very drained, :cry:Just want to sleep all the time, Have not felt like it but I am making sure I am drinking plenty of water (Warm at the mo as it is easier to drink when like this) Sounds sad but I want a cuddle :(

I needed a good moan as I am feeling so very sorry for myself, Just wanna cry all the time..I am so mard when Ill.

Oh well weigh in soon Hope that cheers me up! :)
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Aww hun sorry to hear your poorly hope your eeling better soon and I am the same as you very mard when im ill lol xxx


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So sorry ya feeling pants hun, I can sympathise as I am just coming out the other end & I have felt dreadful.
Hope WI cheers ya up, you are doing fantastic & would hate for this to put a spanner in the works hun (am sure it wont as you are so focused on this).
Keep that hot water flowing, loadsa rest & long soaks & hope ya feel much better soon



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I only came on for a lurk Laura but i had to reply because its so so seldom that you complain. I'm sorry you feel so keek angel, and you're keeping incredibly strong despite of it so you're an inspiration even through sickness. Well done -aww I wish I could just squeeeeeze ya! instead I'll just have to send you cyber hugs. get well soon woman.



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awwww... get well soon! its horrible enough when your ill! and being on this thing at same time! get plenty of water down you and definitely go to the docs - chest infections are a nightmare especially at this time of the year... hope you feel better soon xx


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its horrible wen u feel ill ..stay warm hun and keep sippin the water be careful its not a chest infection get yaself off to the docs... hope u feel better soon xx


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Ahh hun, sorry to hear ya are feeling unwell and so unlike ya to feel down. I hope ya are feeling soon babe and all the best for the weigh in. Keep up the strength to keep going hun.....:grouphugg: take care of yourself babe


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big hugs Laura youll feel better soon have a lovely bubble bath and go to bed if you can

hugs and more hugs
Sharron xxxx


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Hope your feeling better soon Laura!!! Take care... BIG HUGS caz xx


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Thanks everyone, I feel a little bit better today, But still feeling sorry for myself :p

You are all great thanks for you're kind words..:)


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awwww glad to hear that your feeling better hun! Your an inspiration for not giving up lipo while you've been ill!! x


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Hope you feel better today Laura :vibes::vibes::vibes:(sending vibes!)
Look after yourself xxxx :flowers:


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hi guys where did ye get the teddys n fancy writing in yer sig??


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Thanks again everyone, I am feeling great now...So supping water more than ever :D

You are all great support..Big Hugs! X :)

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Glad to hear you're feeling better xxxxxxxxx i find if i don't drink water as soon as i wake up that i feel really weak and even standing up to quickly or doing anything faster than a snail's pace gives me palpatations and i feel the blood draining from me!!!! and i totally agree drinking the warm water really is so much easier!!! You'll be hitting your xmas target really soon, hope you're singing from the rafters xxxxxxxxx congrats hun and again i'm glad to hear you're all better xxxxx