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Feeling left out by Irish thread sooo how many welshies here lol

Hey everyone I was Reading the Irish thread and couldn't join in so thought I would start one for all the welsh lipotrimmers!! So if your welsh and proud join in put your name and where your from in..... I am joanne and I'm from the south Wales valleys about twenty five miles from Cardiff near merthyr tydfil!! Village called Fochriw prizes for those who can say it or no where it is lol:)
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Hi Joanne I'm Tara from Aberavon near Swansea. I can say Fochriw and have a rough idea where it is, you seem to be doing well with your losses how are you finding it???
Hi tara well I'm useless with direction and distance so can honestly say I wouldn't have a clue where you are lol have been to Swansea though:) well this is my second go at LT did it last summer and lost almost three stone in twelve weeks should have stayed on till goal then:( finding it ok some days are better than others but have got targets first is my nephews christening next Saturday and then a fancy dress 30th party on 27th. Keeps me going. Weigh in day tomorrow fingers crossed:) how long have you been on LT and how are you getting on???
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Hi girls, I'm Sian and I'm from Taff's Well (between Cardiff and Pontypridd). Not far from Merthyr, I have friends who live in the valleys. I am now living in Cheshire and have been here for just over 2 years now. I miss my family, they were so handy when I needed a babysitter:D. I get to go back down south every half term so I do see them lots.

I have a friend up here who's from Swansea and when we start chatting at school our welsh accents really come out stronger than ever.

I wore my daffodil on St David's day with pride!
Hi ladies i'm a Welshie too and very proud of it, I used to goto Fochriw, and yes I can say it too... I'm a valley girl too from Tredegar but now live in England... But I go home as much as I can- actually I have just spent a week home with my uncle..
Hi all I'm on day 4 and am gob smacked that i've got so far, felt strange first two days but not sure if it was my sinus or the LT, i know these work as a girl in work has lost 11 stone in about a year on LL but it costs an extra £30 a week and with three teens i couldn't justify it. I could so eat the food all around me but i haven't not even a taste, i'm so chuffed, how about you, what have you found the hardest/ easiest?
Glad to see your also proud to be Welsh!!
Lol one of our friends lived there and I loved driving my new old car and it really is a small world,
Yes i feel the water is ok it really helps, my 18 yr old has started LT today to give himself a boost needs to loose about 2 st I wouldn't want him to do it usually but he really is obssesed with food esp sweet stuff (tho he loves all the healthy stuff too)he just rang me as he's out and he is really struggling bless, i told him to increase the water.


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hi Joanne,nice to meet you,again lol ;) x
to all that don't know me yet,i'm also Joanne and i live in Llanbradach,caerphilly, although i am really a cardiff girl with the common accent and everything lol x

JO!!!! can't wait now.starting back again in the morning.will be on here loads to get me through it.good luck for weigh in x


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Joanne, I have to admit I have struggled the last 2 weeks on refeed. I tried to stick to refeed plan the first week as best I could but this week I went off the rails a bit. I love being on LT and as soon as I came off it I pick at food and cos I finished below goal I thought I would be fine but it's creeping up and I'm mad with myself, I should know better cos I did this for 12 weeks last year.

I am starting a fresh tomorrow and gonna refeed the correct way!
welsh newbie

hi, i have only just registered on this forum and thought this good place to start i from pembrokeshire west wales, i started lipotrim last tuesday at first i felt tired and hungry but what got me through is popping on here and reading everyones amazing stories, results and great tips, my first weigh in tues so hoping its a good one :D
Hi all you Welshies, thought I'd try and keep this post going, How are you all Doing, I lost 8lb on my first WI last Wed so just finishing day 11, today being my hardest even thinking of refeeding soon but not sure yet will still take each day as it comes, just pray I have a good loss as I don't need another excuse to come off it LOL hope your all well Nos dax
judt thought id drop in and say hi to my welsh neibours. the irish thread was not ment to exclude but maybe we should have a weigh off lol.

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