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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Everyone on here seems to be raving about the wonderful state of their fingernails - long, strong and basically gorgeous. (The same thing happened to me when I went on a month-long juice fast - also it happens when I go on holiday to somewhere hot, don't know why.)

BUT on this diet, my nails are rubbish!! They've never been brilliant, but there's usually enough there to slap on a bit of polish on a Saturday night (I'm certainly not Miss Manicure, I'm afraid :eek: ). Whilst I've been on the diet, all my nails have done is break off because they're so brittle. It just keeps happening. :cry:

So why is everyone else sporting talons, whilst all I've got is a set of snapped stumps??!! :mad:
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Im with you with the stumps, dont know whats going on like you i dont really do manicures and stuff like that, plain and simple thats me but, between my stubby nails and my loss of hair im a right mess oh and the dry skin lol im sure when we eat again things will correct themselves.


loving minimins!
My hair and skin are ok (I'm on Week 9) however I agree with you on the nails thing, mine have gone to sh**!! Quite quickly really, very brittle, used to have lovely strong nails, now they have no strength in them at all!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
It's not just me then! :eek: I too have dry skin patches but at least my hair's not falling out - scary! (The things we do, lol! But we know it'll all be worth it in the end, don't we?! :))
I couldn't comment on the brittle nails as I bite them, but my cuticles are really dry and sore. Still slightly spotty too.


Addicted to Minimins!
Last time i did this diet i was like you Jaycey, my nails kept breaking and were really weak - this time though i'm feeling the benefits! I have no idea whats different this time though.

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