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First few days on CD


Gonna be slim again
Hi gang!
Those that know me im one of the defectors from Lipotrim;)....a sailor down on his luck...sniff sniff :D
I just wanted to say how lovely the shakes taste, Toffee and Walnut is scrummy, choc mint i thought was quite powdery, spicey tomato soup is divine. I froze the tetra to make ice cream, but didnt really enjoy it (unless im doing something wrong!) I had a cranberry bar and yomped that down, blimey your jaw dont half ache after 8 weeks of not chewing! The porridge i havent mad my mind up yet, it has a funny taste, but its the best thing to ready brek ive eaten so far!:D
My CDC said i can drink coke zero and have upto 4 bars in a day. Not 100% sure about that so can anyone clarify for me.
Cheers Landlubbers
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Hello Jack - welcome to CD

You are really only supposed to have 1 bar a day, though very occasionally I have had two, but that was instead of caving in so I don't mind that! I would stick to 1, unless on the odd day you need another.

The coke zero thing is one of big debate. It is not on the "allowed" list of drinks from CD, however quite a few people - including me - have a coke zero every day to help me through. It has no carb or citric acid which is why most other drinks are banned, but some people say it leads to feeling bloated and craving food. Well I crave food even when I am not drinking the coke but I am on SS and I know if I eat, it will take me out of ketosis and I am not gonna do it!!! So I can resist the temptation. Really it's a matter of try it and see if you think you need to - it really helps me get through, so I am happy enough to drink it.

Anyway, good luck on CD x


a new way of living!
hi jack, well done so far. 4 bars a day!!!! I want your cdc, mine says to keep to 2 bars a WEEK!!

I am defo asking for more this week! I want at least 4 now!!!

just had the broccoli and cheese soup, was ok but unsure about it, compared to LT it is amazing but the other cd stuff is so nice! i will try the others and see.

I love the cranberry and orange bars. I left my cdc with a LT flap jack to try :D:D:D:D see what she makes of it ;)

oooh and yesterday i had chicken with veg!!!! :D:D



Mistress of the Dark
i find it amazing how many CDCs are out there giving out duff advice! surely this should be stopped? can any CDCs shed some light on this?

the reason i believe that you can't have too many bars is because they are higher in carbs than the shakes and so can knock you out of ketosis or slow your weight loss down. also, like Bunnyg said, coke zero is not allowed and you should have got a yellow booklet with all the allowed/not allowed things in? x


a new way of living!
lol haha, she is fine but i doubt she'll be talking to me next week ;)


a new way of living!
I left yellow book at her 'office' (garden shed) but she is posting it to me.


Gonna be slim again
lol haha, she is fine but i doubt she'll be talking to me next week ;)
I doubt it.... she wont have any teeth left after biting into an LT Flapjack!!:D
The peanut and cranberry crunch bars have an almost identical amount of carb as the shakes but the other bars have about twice as much! Plus, there is the added problem of excess wind. Don't know about you but the peanut ones seriously set me off lol
Coke zero or whatever may not have carb etc but can definitely trigger cravings and could make it so much harder for you to stick to CD.
Personally, I don't have the bars anymore at all and I only drink sparkling water('cos I'm so bored of plain water)
Good luck to you but I'd say not coke zero and only one bar per day :)


Gonna be slim again
Thanks Amanda i'll stick to a bar every other day i think.


a new way of living!
funny who we meet in life isn't it, I care for a parent of a vice air marshal based at MOD in london, and also for a parent of an employee of GCHQ secret service folk.

so if i ever get in a pickle with amandas son when he's in the police, hopefully i'll have my own government employee mates to come and bail me out! lol!

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