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  1. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Has anyone else made the BIG mistake of ordering flapjacks?? :eek:

    My advice.....don't! They taste of hell! I ordered 2 coconut & it's taken me nearly an hour to finish it.

    if you're thinking about venturing into the land of chewing something....I can suggest rope, or maybe a shoelace, they'll be more palatable.

    flapjack rant over! :jelous:
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  3. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    I did didn't I yuk yuk yuk xx

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  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    They are an acquired taste...promise you grow to love them:D

    I love the peanut one!
  5. sbh

    sbh Full Member

    Cracked me up that did - sorry :)
  6. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    Nooo I really did nearly puck. Never ever again. Ooohhh need to do something really feeling urge to eat NO NO NO x

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  7. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    I should just everything taste like those flapjack I would be 4ft wet through in no time xx

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  8. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    4st lol x

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  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I did as well the first time and thought no way would I ever eat them and then after a few months wanting something to chew I tried again and they did not taste so bad. One flapjack still takes me a good half hour or more to eat...it is not something you can just munch your way through it...well I can't...even though I have come across a few members who loved them from the start:D
  10. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    Lol I trust you. I could do paperwork but I have been in work since 8am running around all day. Can I ask is anyone having really bad sweats xx

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  11. hez

    hez Silver Member

    @appy I'm the total opposite it I'm freezing! Everyone at work is sweating buckets and theres me nearly turning blue lol i was going to get a flapjack next week just to see what there like ;)
  12. goose

    goose Silver Member

    I LOVE the coconut flapjacks!!! Hehehehe

    Yes i Hated them first but they are an aquired taste n i usually have one as a treat instead of a shake. Love nibbling one with a cuppa black tea!!
  13. and

    and Silver Member

    I tried a coconut one once... I managed two bites and threw the rest.

    It smelled vile and I thought, "can't taste as bad as is smells can it?" I was wrong, it was worse!

    How on earth they manage to make it so vile I have no idea. BLERGH BLERGH BLERGH!

    My chemist stopped ordering them because everyone felt the same. :)
  14. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Notice there is a marmite kinda situation with the flapjacks, u either love them or hate them! ;) i was going to get one this week, now I'm not so sure! :eek:
  15. and

    and Silver Member

    Not sure anyone 'loves' them Hez. Tolerates them while on this diet as a change to chocolate mix maybe... But definitely not loves :D

    And why not try one - you may be one of those weirdos who thinks they're ok ;-)
  16. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Yeah i guess tolerates a better word

    The bars on Cambridge are divine!!! Problem is once u have one u want another!! Not good!

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