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Could I be of help? /kick but only softly!

Try and remember your reasons for losing the weight and imagine how much daily life healthy will be compared to that chocolate bar. :p

You can do it, believe it, come online when you're tempted or struggling and we can remind you that you CAN DO IT!
I stalled badly around the 19 stone mark, having already managed to lose 4 stone. I just couldn't seem to get below it and would lose 1lb one week only to put 2 on the next... This went on for a couple of months until I realised that I'd proved to myself that I CAN lose weight so why wasn't I losing any more. Taking a brutally honest look at my habits, I realised that I'd let a few things slip with regards to my eating...not majorly and not all at once but their cumulative effect was keeping me at the same weight.

So, I went back to basics, started keeping a close watch on the calories again and increased my exercise. That was around 4-5 weeks ago and I'm now about the 18 stone 2 mark so I'm back on the right track.

So, consider this a kick up the jacksy from one who has recently been there...if I can do it, then you definitely can too. Re-evaluate where you are and make a list of the places you can make little improvements to your diet routine, set yourself a mini goal (mine it to be below 18 stone by 1st May) and focus on that...forget the bigger picture for a little while and take it a day at a time. You KNOW you can do it - your ticker says you can - so what's stopping you?
You're so right, Lola :) Thank you for the boot up the bum, much appreciated!!

Its just me stopping me, I know that. Just got to tell that part of me to b*gger off!! :D


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Jen, I lurk on your blog so have followed your ups and downs. BB is off to Brazil is he not? So why not set yourself a challenge while he's gone? You can use visualization to see a slimmer you meeting him at the station with the strains of Officer and a Gentleman gently wafting over. And we'll all be rooting for ya. x
Haha, yes he sure is :) Last time he was away, I actually joined a gym [it's a pay as you go thing rather than a membership] and I do genuinely intend to go back and actually... use it?! :) This is my starting point. I will do it. I like the Officer and Gentleman image... Yus... I think we can have 2 weeks solely focussed on ME and sorting my head out to get back in that frame of mind.

I have decided to reinstate my One Month challenges. Starting in May with cutting out cheese. This means I won't be having pizza, and cheese on toast, and adding cheese to my pasta... It's too easy for me to go OTT when I have a block of cheese in the fridge. Not to mention it's bloomin expensive stuff!

I am focussed on the right track now I think. I have just had the nicest pitta bread lunch with peri-peri chicken, and it was delicious! I am full, but not horribly full, and I don't actually want anything else. This is what I like. I don't like the horribly full feeling, I don't like the miserable diet feeling... But I'm getting back on the right track with the portions and satisfying amounts.

I got summer fruit squash to satisfy my sweetness-hankering, and I'm quitting the SnackAJack brigade. I've been trying to replace my afternoon biccie and tea with a chocolate snackajack instead, but I don't like them. I tried, but I really don't. There is no point me forcing myself to eat something I don't like, to replace chocolate, and then have to drive home past several shoppies feeling miserable cos I didn't get a chocolate fix. FOR EXAMPLE.

So instead, I am treating myself to one more bar of chocolate, already pointed and accounted for, the day that the fella goes to Brazil. Then... No chocolate for the month. Hurrah :) If I tell myself it's banned, it's somehow not as bad as telling myself I shouldn't have it. Funny how my mind works..!

Thank you all for the support, I <3 this place x

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