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Food mentioned !!

I'm so sorry about this, but wow.... I had to share
I didn't post the picture, but there is one if anyone wants a peek lol

sorry again but WOW !

Andy Jack, Sky News Online
Chocoholics read on - the world's largest bar of chocolate has been created in Armenia.
Called Grand Candy, it measured more than five metres long and took three days to make. It weighed in at a massive four tonnes and 410kg.

The bar gave Armenia its first Guinness world record and led to a huge celebration. Afterwards, the chocolate was cut into pieces and shared out among the public.

Statisticians reckon one Armenian eats 40kg of chocolate a year and it would take 107 years for someone to have eaten the giant bar.

The previous record was held by Italy.
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*drools* Need I say more? lol...oh except that would be one expenseeeeeeeeeeeeeev bar of chocolate!


2 Years Maintaining :)
Oh I'd love some chocolate right now :(


2 Years Maintaining :)
lol don't feel bad :) I'm showing willpower :)
Feeeeew ! Lol ;)
I have nothing to do for the next 107 years.. I would love to have a go at eating it!!! pmsl x x x

Do you think i should have a go, and if i eat it in less time i might get in the Guinness book of records!!
For that category, and being the fattest woman on earth!! lol x x x
:drool:....I think I've eaten about that amount of chocolate already...that's why I'm fat hehe!!
Pmsl it might be worth a go

you could also go for the chocolate tasting job on the news too

Attention all chocoholics! Organic chocolate makers Green & Black's is looking for a taste assistant.
The luxury brand is holding a nationwide search for an assistant to head of taste Micah Carr-Hill, a man who's passionate about his post.

"First and foremost, I'm looking for someone who can taste," he told Sky News Online. "And while that sounds obvious, it's not in fact that simple.

"I need to find someone who can naturally taste something and then break down all the different flavours.

"The right person will also have to have confidence - that is to not only know what tastes good but what makes the right recipe, they will need a palate that can be discerning enough to tell me when to stop."

The company, which was founded in 1991 and joined by Micah Carr-Hill in 1999, has put advertisements on the website, in trade magazines and through a cinema campaign.

Successful applicants will have to undergo a taste challenge consisting of trying out several secret bars containing unidentified and unusual ingredients which they will have reveal.

The head of taste thinks that, from what should end up being a list of around 20, a final five will be found.

"What I want then is for the applicant to cook for me. That will tell me about their food preferences and their interests and also give me an idea of how they would fit into our workplace. We're a small team and we have to work together well."

Mr Carr-Hill is keen not to restrict the position to those with foodie training - he himself has a food science degree.

"I started off in wine and it was from there that I learned to taste properly.

"If we restrict the job to only those from the food industry, we might lose out on the perfect person. We need to keep the range as wide as possible."

wow !! Wonder how much they pay, and would if matter pmsl

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