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Friday hour x hour


longs to be average!
All together now....................

Oh, say can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
Through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare,
The bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there.
O, say, does that
Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave?

Happy Independence Day BL.
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Happy independance day Corey and BL! And any other Yanks lurking.

Yay its Friday. Hope you are all well.
I am looking forward to the weekend, its the first tri-nations rugby game tomorrow although kick off is at 8.30 AM eeek. And I think South Africa is going to get their butts kicked by the All Blacks but there you go...we can't win em all.


constantly confused
Happy Independence Day, is that the right response? I dunno!

Am off for the weekend this afternoon woohoo!

Might've gone a bit off track with RTM the last few days, wisdom tooth is agony so I've been eating too much fruit cos I can't have anything too hard. Not getting weighed this week cos am away, so fingers crossed it's not too bad!

Am annoyed cos hubby arranged with my LLC to pick up our packs on wednesday for next week cos we can't make tomorrow, and she wasn't there! So now we've got no packs for our weekend away! :mad:


I'm going to be slim
Good morning
Hope all you losers are well it's a lovely morning here shame I'm at work I had my wi last night & i've lost 2lbs not what I was hoping for but I think I am holding a bit of water (just a few litres) as my fingers are like sausages at the moment & legs are puffy as the day goes on maybe next week it will be a higher loss but 2lb is still a loss & I'm happy to see it down again after last week I am going to do this I hope with no more lapsing but I will get to my goal

Enjoy your weekend TG & Tange enjoy the rugby all those hunks (drooool )

Happy Independence Day BL & all other's from all states


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Hi Jayne,

Mmm yes you should google images of Victor Matfield ooohhh my type of rugged man.

Well done on the 2lbs its 2lbs in the right directions. Hang in the doll, you will get there before you know it.

I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I need to loose 10 more lbs and then I am pretty much at goal, well my revised goal. I was hoping to go lower but according to the LL site its time to stop when the BMI gets to 25. With some luck I will loose and extra few in maintenance.
Hi everyone!

Thanks for the July 4th wishes!! :D COrey, I still get a lump in my throat when I hear the anthem, and even when I read it! THanks for posting that my quasi American amigo!

TG, good luck this weekend, shame you have no packs! Be brave - you are both doing so well!!! You will get through, then come back and yell at your LLC!!!

Tange, hope SA wins tomorrow!!! I was watching a program and they were in Capetwon - god that looks amazing, and the people in the townships looked so nice and warm and friendly - is it really like that? And the music - LOVE the music. WOuld love to go there some day!

Hey RC! 2 pounds is still a great loss!!! You probably are retaining water if your a bit puffy. That should go and show next week. Your doing great though. A 2 pound bag of sugar is a lot! :)

Well, I am off today, waiting to see if my car passed the MOT re-test. Fingers crossed. Then going to pull some weeds today and putz around in the garden. Want to come help Corey!!?? :D

Have a good day everyone!!!



longs to be average!
Hey BL, I would love to come and help you pull weeds - which bar are we going to first?


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Hi BL,

I lived in Cape Town for 10 years and yes its a beautiful place. With all its horrors in the past and unfortunately present its still an amazing place.

I guess ones roots is ones roots, I love living in London but boy when I miss "home" I seriously miss it.

Enjoy the gardening BL, its a lovely sunny day here, hope the sun is shining down on you too.
Well, sun is shining here too. I'm heading into town to run a few errands, including getting CDs from the library - am populating my new MP3 player on the cheap!

Incidentally, our LLC counsellor told us last night about the change in water policy. She said it's being brought into line with new government guidelines, which is 2 litres of water per day (which includes tea and coffee) plus the water added to soups and shakes. I'm still going to aim for 4 litres, I think, as I have this psychological thing going on where I visualise all the water as flushing the fat out of my body - I mean, where else is it going to come out? I'm certainly not pooing it out, lol!

Happy 4th, BL!
lol SFA. YEah, thing is, I know I easily drink 3 litres a day - some days I did struggle with 4 or more. So, I know without any extra effort, I get my water. In fact, really had been struggling for quite a few weeks, and not gettingt 4 in, and the losses were still great, so it takes the pressure off.

But I know what you mean about the visualisation thing, and that does work, so keep at it. If it ian't fixed, don't break it! :D
Hi BL,

I lived in Cape Town for 10 years and yes its a beautiful place. With all its horrors in the past and unfortunately present its still an amazing place.

I guess ones roots is ones roots, I love living in London but boy when I miss "home" I seriously miss it.

Enjoy the gardening BL, its a lovely sunny day here, hope the sun is shining down on you too.
I understand. As much as I like it here too - theres no place like home. :)


constantly confused
Aaargh! Going to see my mum for the first time since I started the diet, wanted to look good for it.

I've got my first spot since before LL!! :cry:


longs to be average!
Trust me TG no one will be looking at your spot, your mum will be looking at your weight loss and nothig else!
WARNING: I am going to talk about sad stuff.

What is going on in the world. Or London more specifically.

I trust people have by now heard of the 2 young french students who were brutally - no, make that savagely murdered in their flat? Stabbed over 243 times, after being tortured for hours. WTF????????????? WHat i this world coming too. It just makes me so sad, to think that those two yong lads had to endure.

<sigh> Sorry. Just had to say, there are some days, I really hate the world.

OK. Back to nicer things now.



longs to be average!
I'm not so sure it's the world - you don't hear about this stuff happening in say Australia, and not so much in the US either. But this country really has gone to the dogs. I was reading this morning that some high ranking Judge wants Sharia law to be merged in with our legal system. I tell ya, if that happens it won't be long before people are fleeing this country for their lives, me and he being two of them (being a little bit poofy is punishable by death according to Sharia Law). Have to say though, murders in London are way out of control, and nothing seems to be being done about them. Bring back capital punishment I say! That'll deter anyone else who thinks they can get away with murder.
Well, in America, every burglar knows that any house they go into, there is every chance they will be met by someone with a gun. I know guns are a tetchy subject over here - and Yanks take a lot of slack for gun crime....but I gotta tell you - the knife crime that is the current culture here seems to be far more out of control then our guns.....but that could quite simply be because we are so used to hearing about gang shootings, etc., so maybe we are just used to it. WHo knows - per capita - which is really the worse problem.

But I know, its a safe feeling having a gun in the house. As long as you are safe, responsible, and KNOW how to use them - they are a very safe form of security.

It is horrible what happens in London. ANd other areas. I must admit, I do find some of the crime here shocking.....mostly because its done by youths. And most done out of what appears to be just boredom. There seems to be a real lack of regard for humankind in some of the youth here, and thats terribly sad. :(

Well, if Sharia Law comes into effect, you guys can come live on our mountain in California. We will need a gardner. :D


longs to be average!
I know - who'd have thought we would ever have a serious conversation?

I'm there on your mountain and call me Heidi!

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