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Game - 7 degrees of seperation


longs to be average!
This is Blonge Logic inspired game from something she said in todays hour x hour post. They claim we are all connected to every body on the planet by 7 degrees of seperation.

For instance: Corey to Tom Cruise.
Corey's niece is Nadine Lewington who works with Rakie Ayloa. Rakie was in the movie Sahara with Penelope Cruz who used to date Tom Cruise.

There are 4 degrees of seperation between me and Tom Cruise.

Or Corey to Jennifer Saunders.
Corey's niece is Nadine Lewington who works with Adrian Edmondson who is the Husband of Jennifer Saunders.

There are 3 degrees of seperation between me and Jennifer.

I have loads more................

Your turn.
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Oooh I could do loads and just through my cousin who is a make up artist.

Kate Moss
Naomi Campbell (unfortunately)
Elle McPherson
Mick Hucknall

She has worked with loads of famous people.


longs to be average!
My best friend is Kevin Steincross, a News Anchor for Fox News KTVI in St Louis, Missouri.

OK - so Kevin interviewed Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Kevin has interviewed George W Bush.

So I am two away from both a wizard and a political moron!


longs to be average!
I was in the audience of Top of the Pops and was less than 2 feet from Cliff Richard as he sang!! I should point out this this was in the 80's! Same time that Utah Saints had their hit by the same name and Sonya was Liverpools lovely.


longs to be average!
Oh another one degree of seperation. Went up to Blackpool for a weekend with some girlfriends, and stayed in the same hotel as a rather well known celebrity. We didn't know he was staying there. But later in the evening we were in the bar and he joined us with his manager. He wasn't very happy when one of our party had never even heard of Aled Jones! Boy can he throw a strop!


longs to be average!
He sang "I'm walking in the air" from the animation "The Snowman". It'll be on Channel 4 on Christmas eve. He now hosts Songs of Praise.

Actually, can I take this one off - My rep' has probably just taken a huge nose dive!
Aled Jones was the only person in his school year not to come to our school for a "Bonding between welsh language schools"disco. I suppose that still leaves many degrees of separation.
However Rhys Ifans used to go home on the same school bus as me (as did his brother Llyr, who was in Twin Town with him).
My sister in law worked in a pub with Jason Manford (8 out of Ten Cats) when they were in uni and Julian Lennon used to spend the summer holidays at her house when he was at school.

I'll stop there, sounds like I know everyone!
My brother says that both Julian and Cynthia still send christmas cards but can you imagine answering the phone and it being John on the other end wanting to speak to Julian? It happened quite regularly apparently! Cath's too young to remember much about it, I'm hoping for a big family event where I can grill her brothers!!!
I worked for the BBC for 8 years so met and worked with quite a few famous people - ones that stick in my mind are Judi Dench, Denys Hawthorne, Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden from Corrie), Roland Gift, Paul Gambaccini, Richard Wilson ('I don't believe it!'). My best mate, Janis, is the main Songs of Praise researcher, so I guess I'm 2 degrees away from Aled Jones and the other SOP presenters!

Oh, and I live across the road from the voice of Jess the Cat in Postman Pat - and her uncle is Donald Sinden ....


longs to be average!
U could say that we have two lots of degrees of seperation - the Aled Jones one, and then off course there's be Minimins buddies?


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i cant think of one :( lol
ill get bk 2 u x


constantly confused
Got quite a few, my uncle used to date Elton John, so quite a few through that one!

Also, David Dimbleby is my second cousin, so that probably gets me a few an' all :D


longs to be average!
Here's how I am linked to Sarah Jessica Parker AND Robin Williams, and I can get there one of two ways

My Niece works in Holby City with Hugh Quarshie and Rakie Ayola. Both have acted in Doctor Who with David Tennant (3 steps from the hottie Dr himself). Dr Who also starts John Barroman (4 steps from the hottie Capt) John was in the Producers with Mathew Broderick who is married to Sarah Jessica Parker (6 steps). Also in the producers was Nathan Lane who played the "wife" of Robin Williams in the Birdcage (6 steps).

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