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Gentle *cough* relief


I will succeed!!!
For erm...lack of *taps feet embarrassed style* movement in the...well...ya know?

Just realised the stuffed feeling might not just be a green day... :eek:

What is a gentle way to try and get things moving (pill wise - NOT scan bran!!!)? I have some herbal pills in the first aid box called Senokot (never used them though)...are they going to cause work issues tomorrow???

Sorry - WAY TMI I know but first time I've suffered from this...er...problem in a long time!

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If you take Senakot now it should all be *ahem* released in the morning quite easily without issues. I've used it once or twice. I also find green tea works wonders, as does hot water with lemon and/or lime.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks honey - never really used pills through fear lol. Right-o off to bed with a couple of pills then hehehehe...oh SW has its moments!!!


Slow but sure....
I always use Dulco-lax it works quickly, and Dulco-ease which is a 'stool' softener so it makes it just a bit easier to 'go' without any discomfort.....and drink plenty of water, that helps too.
Nursey advice i seem to give out a lot lately is
up your intake of fluids and try and get some exercise, senna is a nice natural product that helps also.

As a nearly veggie with IBS i get this problem a lot too so your not alone


I will succeed!!!
Ok so took two Senokot last night about 9pm and still nothing. Feel really awful actually and have awful belly ache but it's build up to star week too so cannot tell which it is. I feel a bit yukky :-(

Hopefully it'll work - preferably before WI!!! ;)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Awww Huni...unfortunately you will go, when your body wants to! If you have taken the Senokot, just wait....it wont cause you any embarrasment, but as the others have said, drink plenty of water too. I used to suffer with constipation really badly and I sympathise with you...it will happen....just be patient.
Oooh hun. Ouch. Yeah, definitely drink loads of water today, and if you can have something with quite strong caffeine - I find green tea works for me, but others swear by strong coffee...that helps too.
Try and go for a brisk walk at lunchtime if you can...get things moving. Also, you can massage your tummy in a clockwise motion, in firm, circular movements. That can help get things going as well :D


I will succeed!!!
Thanks ladies. I'm drinking loads of water - had 2 more pints before bed to try help *stuff* and had about a litre this morning so far (and peeing like a race horse!). Just feel bloaty, belly-achey and yukky. I HATE this constipation lark and I HATE star week!!!

But to be fair it's the first time THIS has happened to me so I ought to count myself lucky I don't suffer it like some of you do :)

Thanks xx

P.S Hellie - I will try the massage later when on own in office ;)
well i have had crohns for 15 yrs so i would love (lol) to have trouble going but i do feel for you honey


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*big hug hun*
I know how you feel i have IBS - which means one moment i cant get off the loo, and the next i cant go for days :(

I tend to go for a swim, it relaxes your body and should help get things moving :) x


Slow but sure....
Try prunes, my grandma always called them 'black coated workers' and they are lovely on cereal for breakfast or even chopped up in a yoghurt or put in a rice pudding.

I use tinned prunes in juice and you can drink the juice too, you will have to syn them though (not sure how many) but if you have 2/3 in a morning it may help to keep you regular. X


Lover of Extra Easy
I hope that your tummy feels better by now!

Donnie had suggested Dulco-Ease for me too and I will try them but I had already bought Senokot Dual Relief on Saturday and took my first lot on Saturday night. It didn't make much difference on Sunday but has sure worked on Monday and today. I am not at work this week but even if I was, it's just fine and I feel so much better now!
I am also taking Aqua Ban for water retention so I hope the scales are kind to me this week, as I think my problems may now be solved!


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I started eating piles of cooked veg with my tea and that helped massively as I was having the same problem. Every day... loads of veg - brussels sprouts, runner beans, cabbage... whatever I could lay my hands on. It works a treat for me.

I usually only have coffee on weekend mornings but, I have to say, it's usually not long after that I'm heading towards the loo...
Hope you're feeling better by now?!

Peppermint tea is good for the digestion generally. I've been drinking that a lot lately.

I also had this problem (whilst on holiday, annoyingly) and I came to the concusion that I had eaten too many eggs. Not sure if 'egg bound' is an old wives' tale or not! I took senna tablets at the time, which did help.



I will succeed!!!
Still no 'action' - in bad way with tummy and feeling rather grumpy...

...but still managed a 1/2 loss!!! So yay for that! Not massive amounts but a loss is a loss.

I am going to try some green tea as have that in (no prunes unfortunately).

I am not impressed with this refusal to co-operate - I really feel for you who suffer this on a regular basis...you need and deserve medals!

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