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getting a lil disheartened

hey ppl , finidin this week a lil hard , feelin lil hungry this week too but havin given up and i stay 100% at all times , plus i weighed myself this mirn and only down 1 pound since wed , not impressed as weigh in a day early this week on tues :(:( !!! bowels arent workin well havent went sinve wednesday , been takin fibre clear but it crap any siggestion to help me
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peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Hey Hun don't feel too down you will be doing better than you think just be strong :) ok on the poop front get some movicol! Amazing stuff!!! Xx
I agree with peachpip, don't be hard on yourself, you've had three amazing weight Lisa weeks, so it's bound to slow down a little bit!! I find senecot works for me! Good luck, keep drinking the dreaded water ;)
I know I have had great weigh ins . I wouldn't mind 2 or 3 pound off but 1 is bad !! Ty all for if support
One pound isnt bad! It's still a loss - I had two weeks on the trot where I only lost 2lbs, it was only the encouragement that the ladies on here gave me that made me carry on - I lost 5 lbs the week after! If you do lose 1lb, (which lets face it you might lose another 5 come weigh in) - then that will mean you've lost 24lbs in 4 weeks!!!!

Anyway, good luck honey, let us know have you get on.


Determind dieter :D
I'm in the same boat honey stuck the same this week, but I've had mini achievements ...don't always look to your scales for the answers...look at clothes fitting better...belts becoming too big ;)

Stay strong and keep going your doing amazing well honey x x x
I'm tryin to stay positive. Are u allowed take ducolax pearls or will they affect ketosis


Determind dieter :D
I took dulcolax but was glad i'd taken on a saturday night as sunday was VERY dodgy and I didn't venture far from the loo (knows its tmi but always best to know the ups and downs) Although have to say this morning looks like 5lbs gone ;) so can't complain ~lol~ x x x
hey just to let u know i weighed in today and i was down 5lbs so i am smilinng x
good for the weight loss,
Senokot work by making the muscles in the bowel contract thus moving the poo along,if its a hard stool it can give you stomach gripes,the water should help.
Welldone for the weight loss.

This is becoming a bit of an obsession for me. I thought I had got things sorted but I've come to a stand still again. My chemist has said that I may have to re-feed for a while to regulate myself but I really do not want to do this as I am doing so well on the diet. I have tried senakot, dulcoease, supositories etc and they all work on occasions but I've not found anything to be consistently reliable.
I think I am getting a little bowel obsession going ha ha x Was wondering, as I am taking so much less in (ie 3 shakes!) why am I expecting my bowels to "perform" as if I was eating 3 meals a day??

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