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Glass Floor


I was reading Racie Tracie's thread of breaking the vicious cycle where she seems repeatedly to be able to get down to 14st 1 lb then cave in & regain. Except the clever bunny has just chiped her way through to 13.13. & is off again.
A couple of othe members said they'had similar.
Mine isn't a fixed weght but seems to kick in at 15kg loss. (= roughly 3 1/2 stone).whether this is the level where you really notice a change in yourself & I then become complacent,or a deeper but not fully concoious realisation that I could risk joining the world of normal & all that that entails.

I've deciced to call this effectThe Glass Floor

Not This time Though (New abbreviation NT3)

Anyone else out there with the same thing?
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Hiya, I have this, I've noticed in the past, that as soon as I'm about to drop into the next stone down, I have to go and destroy all my good work and cheat. It can be any number, doesn't matter which one and it's a subconscious thing, almost like its a no go zone... I don't know why. If there are any psychologists out there, they may be able to tell me why. A fear of change maybe? Anyway I broke into the next stone down this week so I'm extremely proud of myself. Hoping the next stone down will come and go so easy!!

Oh and I like the new name for it by the way. It does feel like that. An uncomfortable feeling of wanting to stay in a secure and safe place.

Yeah I agree on other diets it was a stone I could never get to but with this diet its now 2 stone.

I find as soon as I start getting compliments and I notice it as well I become cocky and complacent and the thing with this diet is you can't cheat.

I will get that 2 stone though in the next week or so if it kills me and then I will battle with stone number 3 :rolleyes:
Aghhh - another 2lbs and I will have lost 3 stones. One stone to go. Howver I am very much getting complacent - can fit into loads of clothes, bored of dieting, nibbling.

Don't know what the answer is - but it is a definite phenonomen.

I am using this board to keep up the monmentum - otherwise I will never get the last stone.
the thing with this diet is you can't cheat.

I will battle with stone number 3 :rolleyes:
I agree, even though I'm doing 790 so technically I could cheat but for some strange reason, this is the 1st diet I've ever done that I dont cheat on!! I think it's the fear of coming out of ketosis!

And we'll all battle together thanks to minimins. This is the 1st time I've had support like this too!!

I see success on the horizon!!:)
Definately I find the support on here invaluable as although others around me are supportive they do not truly understand how I feel whereas I know there will be someone on here who is going through the same or has been through the same.

I also find the board bloody addictive and before I know it I have forgotton about feeling hungry or wanting to nibble :)


Queen of the Damned
Wholeheartedly agree!!! My previous glass floor was 18 stone - took me over a year to break the cycle and get through!!! Got within 2 lbs of being under 17 stone and it all went t1ts up :(

I find as soon as I start getting compliments and I notice it as well I become cocky and complacent and the thing with this diet is you can't cheat.

This is most definitely part of it - getting complacent, lazy with the water, fitting into more clothes at different shops - all make me lose focus.

I've done 2 stone this year so far, but need just over 2 stone to get down to my lowest low, and this time I intend to stomp my way through that glass floor once and for all!! :eek:


Staff member
I have not made it passed 11st. 5lbs.

Bounced off it and there is a part of me too that is scared to be slim again as the fat suit was something for me to hide away in...:cry:

I have a thing about 11st. Barrier:( I want to break through it so much and then I feel I will be okay.:sigh:

Also, I think it is easy to become complacent when you have ticked off a lot of boxes and your feeling so much better in yourself and the way you look.

Love Mini xxx


Queen of the Damned
DQ thats the spirit. No more barriers glass or otherwise. we are going down girl.
Sometimes it's just so scary, but in the end it's a number on the scales and we need not to be ruled by it.


escaping the fat
Im not so much scared of going past it or of being slimmer, i want that so much. Im scared of getting there and failing again. Dont know why 3st12lbs. It hasnt mattered what the starting weight was, its as soon as i hit that lost. gonna need dragging into the 4st lost by my feet.


Queen of the Damned
Well I'm happy to haul you through, feet first if necessary!! :p

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