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Going away... do red?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any of ya can offer me some advice.

I am realtively new to SW but got over an unmotivated moments by doing loads of cooking and freezing so theres always options.

I am away with work from Sun to Fri for the next two weeks. We stay in premier inns with breakfast provided.Lunches are provided usually sandwiches and crisps. The dinner in pubs etc... (I usually stack on 5-7llbs on these weeks Aaargh)

Please help me figure out how I can keep on plan. (I prefer green but not adverse to original)

Anyhelp much appreciated

Anne-Marie x
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Why not switch to mostly red days as its quite easy when you are out and about ie full breakfast, mixed grills at night etc etc. Sandwiches are OK as you can count the bread as healthy extras and have a free filling. Fill up on as much fruit as you can. Ask for yogurt with the lunch. Green days are a bit more tricky, you could try asking for a tomato pasta type dish.

I'm sure other people have loads of good ideas!

Good luck, you can do it.

Theresa x
Cheers Theresa, was thinkin red was the way to go just wanted to check out what the others thought.


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Yeah I would go with red days. Just go back to basics and try to have for example steak with veg / salad for dinner - remember to ask for no butter, sauces, dressings etc. Maybe have poached or scrambled egg with bacon for breakfast as that would cut down on the oil. Count bread as HE and pick teh merat filled sandwiches rather than egg mayo etc. Take some fruit and HEb bars with you for filling up on. And resist the alcohol - or is it just my work trips which involve alcohol filled evening and heavy head mornings!! HTH. x
Nah my work trips normally have lots of alcohol to make the report writing part easier.... Thanks for the tips... have stocked up on Alpen Lights looks like it will be four a day as I can't eat bread!
So most people I know who do red days have ryvita (or dust as I like to call it) laughing cow and fruit for lunch.... would this be the general consensus?
Eh, why would you want to have ryvita, LC cheese and fruit on any day on SW, when you can all have manner of free food!! Maybe they are having a neutral lunch so they can decide later whether to do red or green?

Theresa x


soon to be skinny minnie
You could have neutral things like maybe an omlette with salad and just count the oil it has been fried in. Or on a red day steak with salad, no dressing, or a roast dinner and count potatoes as hexb and either ask for no gravy or count it as syns.

Hope you get on ok x

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