GOing out for Business Dinner AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Please, please does anyone have a tip. I have to go to a works dinner next week. I can't and dont want to get out of it. How do I get round the dinner bit. I can't just push my food round the plate because its a sit-down meal. I really dont know what to do. Its an important business do and I dont want to limit my chances just because I'm on a diet but at the same time I don't want to risk starting at day one again and being back in that very dark miserable place before I decided to do this.

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.

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Make an excuse about having to take a medical test the next day (after work/before work or whatever). My mother recently had one which required her not to eat for 24 hours. It wasn't anything particularly serious.

Makes lots of noise about how it's sod's law that it should be the next day but you've been waiting for ages - bloody NHS etc....
Thanks for that tip!! I'll remember that one!

Always sounds a bit iffy to say you have a tummy upset - cos if thats the case why are you there to pass it on type thing?!!! This one is much better!
IF you eat go for low carb options such as a chicken salad or something like that.

Don't drink though because it will marr your judgement.

I like the blood sugar test excuse though :)
I dont like fibbing but needs must and I can let them know advance which also means a dinner won't be wasted - I'll have to fill up on Mushroom Soup before I go. Thanks for your support and suggestions. I've got a CHristmas Dinner too but I think I'll just give it a miss! It will sound a bit dodgy twice in a row, mind you the rate I'm peeing everyone will probably thing I'm Diabetic or have a wee infection any way!
make sure you have your pack just before you go though, and put a bar in your handbag and find a secluded spot t munch it if the tempataion to eat gets too much,
I was dreading telling people at work that I wasn't going to go to the Xmas dinner. Most people were really worried that I would feel left out , bless them ! I have agreed to pop in towards the end to have a sparkling mineral water and have been given the job of handing out all the secret santa pressies ! I am happy to be going and involved but won't be there for the meal. Feel it's sorted now and much happier. There was no way I could agree to go and have food in front of me ....that near to Xmas it would have been too tempting for the chatterbox to tell me why I should eat and maybe have just one glass of wine...or two !