Going to Tunisia


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I'm off to see in the inlaws on the 12th and really anxious about it. I can't speak much arabic, they can't speak any English and they call me the 'princess' which my husband finds rather amusing but i suspect is not exactly a compliment!! They live near the desert in 2 rooms and I can't hack the lack of hot water or indoor plumbing so I insist on staying in a hotel. Husband doesn't mind except that his cousin's wife says that its ok to stay there because it makes him happy!!! AHHHHHH. I feel guilty but can't stand it. Rant over, will enjoy lying by the pool!:eek: :eek: :eek:
Hi georgiasmum,

Be sure to keep a diary and post it on here when you get home as it would be most interesting, along with photos.

It is very easy to put photos on here.

If you use photo box or flickr or something like that you can copy and paste and post them on here, no mess, no fuss.

Love Mini xxx
Have started to prepare mysself for tunisia with the gentle reminders of the cheeky chappies and whatnot! What a holiday its gonna be....:D :D :D :D :D
Virtuous clothing for mil and the brothers of which there are many and don't actually look at my face! Not much else for the rest. Want to fit in with girlz ya know!!!

Actually, talking of clothing reminds me of a funny story. When we first got married he took me out to the desert to meet the family and insisted that i wear this wrap around dress that revealed a lot of cleavage. I was surprised that he wanted me to wear it but he was insistent, with high heels (ffs) so I did.

On the way to his parents he told me I mustn't touch him or kiss him in front of his father or brothers (strict rules etc). OK, says me but confessed that I felt the dress was too revealing and i felt uncomfortable (too sexy...) he assured me it was fine.

We arrived, met the folks and his father never once looked at my face only my chest. I wanted to die. He insisted on taking me around his 'farm' - ok, says me in my cleavage revealing frock and high heels - off we went. I kid you not - every animal we saw was at it like knives - turkeys are very noisy when they do it. I didn't know where to look.

When I got back to husband I told him about the animals, he thought it was hysterical and told everyone. He then said 'my father thinks you have an excellent cleavage' in a voice that was akin to an auctioneer evaluating the next livestock sale.. 'excellent value, good breeder ....

Long and the short of it is that i saw more sex in a place that wasn't supposed to have any in the shortest time possible. And by golly animals do it weirdly - you wouldn't catch me in one of those german beastiality videos for love nor money.;) ;) ;)
georgiasmum said:
Long and the short of it is that i saw more sex in a place that wasn't supposed to have any in the shortest time possible. And by golly animals do it weirdly - you wouldn't catch me in one of those german beastiality videos for love nor money.;) ;) ;)

I said that, but everyone has their price :D


I've just splattered tea all over my keyboard!!!!


Isobel1965 said:
How much do you cost then, Brad?

Couple of jars of marmite do you?


There's not much I wouldn't do for a marmite encrusted trotter.:eek:
My first week in Tunisia has come to an end. Husband is being badgered by relatives for money, Georgia has cracked two ribs and I am tanned. All in all a good holiday so far. I have had 2 packs a day and an evening meal with sooooo much water its not funny. I have also had salad every night and eaten my main course on a salad plate. I have only had icecream twice so that is the food diary in a nutshell. Arent I dull??????? Have been to the gym 3 times and swimming daily as well so I feel virtuous....

Actually I feel so sorry for my poor husband, he cried to me the night Georgia and I arrived saying that no one wants to see him they only want money. I offered to take his brothers children out for icecream the other night and he said no because his brother wants cash not icecream... We met another cousin last night whos wife had the most AMAZING diamonds and gold Ive ever seen, so striking in fact that I complimented her on them. When we got home Riadh was furious, asking why I had complimented her on the jewelery etc etc. His cousin had been asking him for money for weddings of other relatives and was in soooo much debt relative to his income that Riadh was angry. He said that he cant buy me beautiful jewellery like hers and there they are asking him for money.... Any way, next instalment later on. Im going swimming. Lots of love Mel
Hi Mel
Hope your daughter is feeling a bit better. How did she hurt herself? And you're doing great on the eating. And why should you both give them money? I hope you don't.

Irene xx
Hi Mel

Lokking forward to your next post, hope DH is ok, cracked ribs are painful arent they.
Post soon
Hello everyone. Georgia is on the mend swimming and playing but being much more careful. Husband is ok but wants to go home. I am still on my meds so dont care.... exercising hard and swimming daily and trying to eat carefully.
Had a nice muslim lecture yesterday from a woman who told me I was shaming my husband by walking around in my swimming costume. I have a jelly belly although it IS more toned than ever before, so I asked him and he said my stomach was lovely and that she was ugly and I can walk around in whatever I want. I am happy now.
I looked objectively at my arse this morning in the gym and I must say that I am proud of it, I can see shape and definition. Does that make me arrogant and up my self???? I am trying to focus on the positive and even the jelly belly is improving so all in all everything is good. Lots of love to all and HELLLLLLLOOOOOO Irene, looking forward to meeting you soon November is only a blip away; xxxxxxx:) :) :) :) :) :)
Hey Mel

Glad you are feeling good about yourself, and thank you for my birthday card.

Hope Georgia is ok, how did she do her injury? Sounds like an eventful holiday, can't wait to see you now when you return!

When are you back btw?
Look after yourself ok
ps do you like the new screen name - its thanks to you and Cary!!!!:)