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Goodbye Leo


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Our little terrier Leo was hit by a car tonight on a busy road. :cry::cry::cry:He was 2 years old last month. We buried him in the forest park where he and Rocky the 4yo Labrador loved to run around every day. It seemed the right thing to do. We're still in shock and it'll probably get worse before it gets better.

I love you Leo and I hope you are at peace now. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Ohhh no, oh poor lovely little LEO. I'm so sorry this has happened to you.
It will take you ages to get over it. I really feel for you and Rocky, who will no doubt miss LEO as much as you will.
I wish you loads of strength to deal with this.
Lynne x


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oh hun,i so sorry for your loss,i hope you feel better very soon,


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I'm so sorry for your loss. Such a tragic thing to happen. What a lovely place to lay him to rest. Sleep tight Leo, your family are going to miss you. Big {{{{{hugs}}}}} x x


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Thanks everybody. :) That photo is of him when still a puppy, he didn't get much bigger but his hair grew like a cairn terrier, down into his eyes almost!
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I'm so sorry to hear that. It can be so upsetting when you lose a pet as they become so much part of the family. Hugs to you and your family.


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im so sorry 2 hear about your sad loss:cry:it brought a tear 2 my eye wen i read what u wrote,i have 2 little dogs who are so part of my family i hope u feel better soon :hug99: xx
sorry to hear about leo he looked like a lovely little dog just think of all the good time you had get a photo framed of him thats what i did it helped me when we lost our dog...jenni x


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oh poor Leo and poor you, when my friends dog died they had a photo of her blown up and printed onto a piece of canvas, its lovely, and it helps her remember x
how you feeling now lyn? my rotti cross died in may this year and i still think about him then start blubbering. a couple who i know were taking their retreiver/cocker spaniel cross the the pound that week as they had started jobs with long hours and he was getting the walks he liked. i had to take him from them as he was called henry too, i tought it was meant to be. although my parnter wanted to get a rotti cross again, i said no as we would be comparing it with our first henry. little henry is totally different and a chewer but he's only 1 and i'm hoping he'll get better soon, we just have to keep stuff off ground level. i got some rescue remedy from the chemist which i kept squirting on my tongue for when i felt like bursting in to tears in the middle of morrisons or at the school play ground. i don't know if you thinking about getting another dog for rocky but don't rush into it. we weren't getting another as i said i couldn't go throught with that again but i think it was fate when we got little henry. take care


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Just wanted to say how sorry I am too. There are places that paint a picture from a photo which looks really nice too, although a framed photo would be lovely too. I had a picture painted of chloe laughing and it always brings a smile to my face.
I shall say a little pray for Leo tonight and am sending you a big cuddle. Jen xx

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