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Gordon Ramsay - The F Word


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:mad: His flagrant disregard for animals sees me screaming at the tv each Tuesday night. Next week is foie-gras ....... he just repulses me. Why Channel 4 allow this trash on tv each week is beyond me, and why seeing animals slaughtered, shot and force-fed is entertaining is beyond my comprehension. I hate the programme and I hate him. :mad:
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yes he can"f" off

Horrible man,i'd love to slaughter him.What I hate even more his how he forces it down his kids throats to.:mad: Its not even new as it's all been done before by hugh fernly whatshisname!!!!!I totally aggree 100%


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Hugh is also happens to be his best friend. Say no more! Bleeeuuurrrrghh! :mad:

Oh well, I was rather chuffed when PETA dumped a huge load of horse poo outside his restaurant a couple of weeks ago after he promoted eating horse meat on his trashy programme. The horse meat industry is one of the cruellest and those poor horses are transported live and suffer terribly.

I loathe this programme. I don't mind cookery programmes cooking meat. But programmes that show animal slaughters, shootings and force-feedings are BAD.


Bye bye bellies!!!
Hi Janey,

I hate the man too. Im not a vegetarian but im an animal lover and I hate his attitude and total disregard for living things. I watched a bit last night (nothing else on!) while doing the ironing. I think he should keep on eating the bulls penis - its suits him!



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Is it not possible that his programmes are giving folk a reality check.His reaction to the slaughter of his pigs clearly demonstrated that he does not have a total disregard for all living things but neither is he so deluded to think that pork chops come from tesco's and nothing had to die to get them there. Why is it ok to eat pork but not horse? Do horses have more right to life than pigs? I agree the production of foie gras is abhorent but because I know what is involved in producing it I won't touch the stuff.You are entitled to your opinions folks and I'm sure Mr Ramsay is big enough and and ugly enough to defend himself but I think your blanket condemnation of him is unfair.



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Well yes you are right also Alex that the flip side of this programme is showing people how animals end up as meat on your plate. But there is something rather gruesome and entertaining about the way he portrays it. He hates vegetarians, is very outspoken about it in fact and refuses to serve vegetarian food. I don't care about that but it does show that he clearly does have a flagrant disregard for animals and is sticking two very big fingers up. And yes, the horse meat industry is particularly cruel.
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same here brett

i think he is a propper laugh

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