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GP slimming world vouchers


i have had 2 lots of slimming world countdowns given to me by my GP. i have lost nearly 4 stone at slimming world now, but still have a long way to go. I am not gonna give up going but i just wondered if you were entitled to a 3rd lot of vouchers from your GP for people who have a lot of weight to loose.
Does anyone know if you can?
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hi well done losing the nearly 4st :happy096: sorry don't know the answer to ur question didn't know the doctor could give countdown passes give them a ring and ask receptionist she may know good luck :)
The GP vouchers are only available in certain areas, think it depends on which Primary Care Trust, or Unitary health authority you are in.

It is probably likely that each area has its own rules - the PCT or UHT would be funding the programme, so its their decision how they spend their money (hence some PCTs/UHTs dont offer the SW vouchers at all - bad decision in my opinion but there you go)

I would imagine though that there is probably a recommended number of vouchers provided - and 2 lots of 12 weeks seems to be the most common option, so I suspect that is all you are entitled for (I had them too, in Bristol, I got 2 lots of vouchers then paid after that).

So, I cant be certain but I would guess that 2 lots is your limit - but it couldnt hurt to just ask your doctor just in case - the worse they can say is no!

BTW - did you mean to post this in the weight loss diary section? Probably belongs in the general section of the forum
How much do you have to be overweight by in order to get them? My weight gain was related to a medical problem the NHS didn't fix for 2.5 years so I was wondering if I could get them?
I'm not entirely sure that there are hard and fast rules about it. In my case, I was around 13 stone and 5ft4" which I think put me just into the obese category of the BMI chart - but other areas might do it differently - if they do it at all.

You will only find out if you ask
i am happy to have had 2 lots of vouchers but a 3rd lot would be marvellous. i will continue to pay in the meantime and next time i go to the doctors will ask for some more!
wow Tracy thats brilliant !!! well done you you've done amazingly :)..I'm going to see if my gp can give me some to kick start me along with being here. keep up the brilliant new you :) best wishes jan

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