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Had a complete "Off wagon" weekend!! :o


Taking the Scenic Route..
And it might be fair to say im slightly under the influence as we speak! :D 3 vodka redbulls later, im reflecting on my hidious weekend (eating wise) :eek:
My hubby is going abroad on business tomo, and likelihood is, i wont see him again untill Xmas :cry:
So Friday i had Nandos...yesterday Curry (and chip shop chips) and the rest!! :eek: Todays been pretty bad too...

I probably shouldn't share this...and i may well regret this in the morning...but i farted and soaked my leggings in oil! :eek::eek:

hahahahaha. Oh Dear!

Tomos a new day :D xxx
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Violet is shrinking
aw,thats sad that you might not see your hubby for a while,but christmas isnt that far away...

tomorrow is a new day,how about setting yourself a mini challenge? so many lbs for when your hubby gets back? or a new dress for christmas ? :D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Yes babe thats exactly what i intend on doing! I know i have all of you lovely ladies to keep me company so im okay ;)

If things go well...i'll be 2 ish stone down by Xmas, and hoping it will show! lol
Thanks hun xx
Not good on both accounts of what the weekend has brought, but like you say, stay focused on losing the weight before he gets back and it will be a reward in itself...
Sorry your not going to see your hubby for a while. I'm sure it will fly by though and when he comes back you'll be well on your way to being a slinky malinky ;-) Bless you about the oil spillage!! At least you wont want to eat naughty foods again! I think thats why I've been eating good because I'm too scared of the consequences! xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks ladies..
Glad to say im back on track now :rolleyes:
Not hoping for miracles on the scales this week though...xx
(i was on orlistat for 2 months) we all go off the rails one weekend or so don't we! and we have all had the farting mistake after a binge! LOL ...
fingers crossed for your stepping on the scales :eek:


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks Natalia :D
Lol gosh its embarrassing huh!?
How did you do on them hun? And how did effect your loss after a binge? :p xx
they were great, as long as i didnt eat too much fat of course, i am still technically on them, but i have stopped until the results of my ultrasound come back, as I fear I may have gallstones due to them! If not, i will be going back on them :)

I also had a problem where I stopped taking them, but was leaking oil for a week for no reason! :S

the weightloss was always steady, no matter what I ate, but i could also be due to the fact that I go to the gym nearly every day.... we will see!

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