had to snigger at this


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At the research seminar this week Professor Peter Rogers, from the University of Bristol will talk about his work. The title of his talk is “Caffeine and anxiety, and an update on withdrawal reversal”.

Caffeine is consumed widely in tea, ...coffee, cola, etc., and it has a variety of physiological and behavioural effects. In this talk I will review recent evidence on caffeine and anxiety. Caffeine is mildly anxiogenic, but it appears that this does not deter people from consuming it. This appears to be largely because tolerance develops to this effect at only moderate levels of consumption, and even in individuals who are genetically susceptible to caffeine-induced anxiety. Although frequent caffeine consumption does not increase anxiety, it also fails to increase alertness and associated psychological performance. While frequent consumers feel alerted by caffeine, evidence shows that this represents withdrawal reversal rather than a net benefit for functioning. Avoidance of withdrawal, in turn, is an important motive for caffeine consumption.

As always, the talk will take place Wednesday 4pm, in Link 107. Tea and coffee will be served from 3.30.
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Made me lol!

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Love it! As I drink my 4th cup of coffee of the morning! xxxx


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love it:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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haha love it lol