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Has anyone lost 7 stone or more on Slimming World?


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I have a similar amount to lose. Hopefully it is possible! I started a week ago and my first weigh in is tomorrow so hopefully I've done alright. If we stick with it I'm sure we can do it!
Thanks Mel2!! Truth is, I'm sick of 'dieting'. I like SW coz the whole family can eat the same meals, and there's very little processed food on the plan. It's just when I consider how much I need to lose, I become a tad discouraged....So, I've made my first goal the 14lbs Xmas challenge, after that it's reaching the club 10 goal. I'll readjust my goal once I get there. My hubby said a very wise thing today when I told him my worries. He said that time passes anyway, so I might as well stick at it, rather than being just as big this time next year and wishing that I had. We'll see....Good luck mel!! xo


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Sounds like you have a lovely understanding hubby. Slimming World attracted me because it focuses on cooking from scratch which I'm a fan of. I'm not keen on heavily processed foods and love cooking!
Best of luck to you!!!!
I've lost 7 stone and it's taken me 3 years, I calorie counted for 2 years and been on SW for the last year. Although I was 100% committed and I knew it would come off because I wanted it gone I couldn't quite believe how far I've got! I'm still 3stone off target but again I know I'll get there because I want it and I've come too far to quit now. If you adopt that attitude you can lose as much as you want, good luck ladies!
I've lost over 6 stone with the last 3 stone being on SW. Like Sugarlips, I can't believe getting this far. I have always dieted but this time I just told myself to keep going, even through difficult periods when the weight seemed very slow to move.
I think, for me, it's taken patience and time! The SW plan is so versatile that I haven't got bored or fed up on it and I feel that I'll always be happy to stick with it to maintain (fingers crossed and all that):)
a woman at my SW class started about 6 months ago and has lost nearly 6 stone! She has been sticking religously to it tho......unlike me! Ive a lot of weight to loose too and have lost 1 1/2 stone in bt 8-10 weeks.


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It's impossible to predict how long it will take as it depends on many factors including how much you stick to plan, whether you exercise etc. Personally it took me 11 months but I prioritised my weight loss over everything else, never cheated, followed the plan to the letter and went to the gym four times a week. My advice would be to focus on each half stone target rather than get stuck on having a lot to lose and how long it's going to take.
I have, but I had a gastric band fitted in February 2008. Since I have been able to eat though, I have been sticking to the SW plan (just cant eat the quantities that SW say you can) and I've lost 7 and a half stone so far. I have another 3 stone 12 to go before I reach target.
The only difference is that my stomach is now the size of an egg and so I graze all day instead of having set meals. The are some days when I can eat loads and then others where I am still full from the day before, so eat less.
I think my losses are ok though and I'm going to stick with SW as I love the plan!
My target when I started was to lose 8 stone and I am well on my way after 19 months. I lose about 1lb a week but I don't excercise much at all and although I am almost always within my syns per week, I do eat out a lot (making good choices) and have large portions at home.

I know this may seem slow, but for the first time ever I KNOW I am going to get to target. I have really changed the way I think and feel about food over this time- I can have 'treats' in the house without eating them all, I don't look to food for comfort like I used to, I don't eat when I am having a bad day anymore. (I do have the odd 'off' day, but remind myself that most 'normal' people do too)

It is lovely that I can now get in normal clothes- (I have gone from a size 22 to a 14) but one of the nicest things for me is the fact that food and eating doesn't control me any more. I see it as a pleasurable experience not just before and during, but after eating too as I have no guilt or discomfort from losing control and overeating

Good luck- if you are determined, you WILL do it
Hi lovely

just want to offer you luck and welcome you to the group. 7-8 sounds daunting but the slimming world plan is fantastic and you can get tonnes of support...especially from here. I lost a large chunk of weight about 4 - 6 years ago, about 4 stone. Surprised I managed it but felt so good about myself once I did it. It's the final 16lb that I am struggling with.

Keep popping on the board, and update us with your progress :)

Hayley xxx
I want to lose just over 7st in total. I've lost 6st so far and I started in Dec 07. Like others have said, this might seem a long time (hoping to get 6.5st for my 2 year anniversary) but for me it's been the perfect amount of time because it's given me a chance to change my habits, like cocktailprincess said. I still have occasional blips and I still eat what I want when I go on holiday and I come back and gain weight but I get straight back to what I now consider my 'normal' way of eating (I actually look forward to it!) - the SW way.

I never looked at the whole amount I had to lose, TBH. I just took it half a stone at a time. If I had a blip then I got back on track. I lost 4st in the first year and 2 stone so far in the second.

I always try and find new ideas and recipes and always experiment in the kitchen to keep things fresh and interesting. I also refuse to eat rabbit food (salad! *shudder*) and food that makes me feel like I'm on a diet. When people come over for dinner they get SW food - and they don't know it. They can't believe I eat what I eat (curries, toad in the hole, lasagne, etc) and still lose weight!

I've not done any exercise - only stuck to SW but I'm now starting to gradually a bit of exercise every week as I want to start toning and to boost my loss as well.

Good luck!


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9 stone down, 3 stone 10lbs to go hun. It takes TIME though, lots of time, devotion and energy. You might feel like cheating some weeks, you might feel like throwing the whole book out the window sometimes, but stick to it and it will work!

So long as you know that if you fall off the wagon, lots of us Minis will be here to pick you back up, plus hopefully the support of your group and the members will keep you on the straight and getting-narrower!! :D xx
i know exactly how you feel - im at the start of a long journey too and want to lose 7 stone in total !

Im going for my 10% first - although i do take every week as it comes - :D and its the only time i like being called a loser (boom boom) at class!

Good luck and we are all in this together xxx


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I've lost 4 stone (well, just under but that's cos I had a big gain last week) so far but still have about 7-8 still to go!!
I try not to think of how much I have to go and try instead to just do it week by week.
I never thought I'd have lost 4 stones, but I am doing it slowly as it's taken me about a year and a half...I like to take the scenic route otherwise I'd fall of the wagon and stay off!!

Good luck, you can do it!
I've got 9 stone to loose in total and got my half stone last week, god I was so chuffed and I'm still smiling as I was ready to give up 4 days into the plan. I stood on my scales this morning (please don't shout at me) and was happy with what I saw but will wait until tomorrow evenings WI to see what that says before I start smiling too much. If it takes me 1 year or 10 years I' ve decided to stick with SW and will loose all the weight I need to. Good luck with your journey xxx

I just wanted to say good luck - stick with it it will come off and you dont have to refuse all offeres of going out and having a social life in order to follow this plan.

2 ladies in my group have both lost over 7 stone one in less than a year.

I have lost just over 4 stone now in about 2 years.

If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything but like most things in life 'nothing goood is ever achieved without hard work'.
i have got loads to lose (just look at my ticker thingy) and it does seem so daunting i said to my OH about it and he said slow and steady is the way to go and he will be with me every step of the way i met him at my heaviest so i know theres no pressure just gotta keep at it
good luck