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Have a question..... well 2 actually


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Tomorrow is D day - got my shakes and soups (though really unsure about the soup as i hate chicken soup anyways but hey ho)

Q1: I work full time out house from 8-5.30 when do you guys take your stuff i.e what times work best so i am not ready to cut someone's throat for food??

Q2: I have a stinking cold, sore throat that feels like i have swallowed razors and was wondering apart from paracetamol, does cold sweetie/cough mixture effect staying in ketosis in any way??

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Hiya hun! Nice to see you are all ready to go with the shakes! As for the times...everyone is different and you are going to have to find a way that suits you. Weekdays i have my first at 7.30am, my second at 3-4pm and then my last at 9-10pm. My worst time for picking at food was the evening which is why i leave my last one till this time. Any other time, if i can wait till 11am for my first shake i do!
A lot of people also split the shakes up so you can have more smaller shakes throughout the day. It's trial and error at first hun!

As for the second question i'm afraid i cant help you on that one. I know most of the mixtures will effect ketosis but someone else might know of something you can take to help you along. I'm sure you will get more posts soon!

Good luck for tomorrow :) xx


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Well, firstly welcome to the forum and to LT and well done for taking the huge step :)

Erm, i guess with the times of shakes everybody is different. Its what suits your lifestyle. You'll find this out over the next couple of days.
Me, i get up 5:15am and have my first one at 10:20am next one at 3pm and last one between 6-7pm ... its just what works best for me - hopefully youll figure it out soon. :)

louize has a good point of splitting the shakes up if you find your feeling hungry or peckish come the evening.

And as for cough mixture/sweets - they are a no i am afraid! :( lol


on the up lol
you will find your own times to suit you :)
and for colds and that ( Robitussin ) that range ask your chemist about it , i had it last time and was fine , hope that helps ;)

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