Heh - I must definately be in the zone


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OH has come home for lunch and made himself a big thick cut sliced sandwich of cheese and pickle (mu ultimate fav ) and I just sat and stared at it for a few seconds whilst I was having my shake and thought ' Nah thanks - I know what that tastes like'

Normally I would have grabbed half his sandwich and then made myself another one - hence me being so overweight. :(

Guess I must be in the zone to give up that !

First WI tmw and I'm a little nervy.
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OOooo well done kate, that's the way to do it! It's my 2nd weigh in tomorrow and i'm feeling the same. It's your 1st one it will be brilliant, first one is always the best!!
Who needs a cheese & pickle sandwich, not you, you are on your way to slim city!!


5 stone to go!
wooop wooop wooop and i bet you felt damn good! i just look at it and go, ive had sooo many of those in my life to do me through the next year never mind the next five months!...go you !!!.and good luck for your weigh in!
...stinky i cant believe your weigh in is tomorrow!oooh best of luck!! x


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thats brillant well done you!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Well done Kate!!

such a good feeling over coming it and knowing your there isnt it?? :D


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good times! just remember, unless there's some kind of epic disaster, both cheese and pickle will still be around when we're all thin