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I signed up to this forum back in 2014 I believe, with all the intention of getting to my weight loss goal. Only it never happened. I’ve joined and rejoined slimming world, even going over to weight watchers at one point. Only for me to give up. Ive got no will power. Even last year when I lost 2 stone by calorie counting, I thought yay this is it I’m finally going to lose the weight. Something happened and I stopped, I’ve put all the weight back on and some. My city council and slimming world have joined forces and are doing a 12 week countdown for free for those with a certain BMI, I met the threshold and am now waiting for them to contact me with What to do next. I can say I won’t be going to my local group as I think the consultant isn’t very nice.

Im determined this time though, I look at pictures of me from others weddings and photos my friends have taken and I’m disgusted at what I see staring back at me. I’m ashamed of the size I’ve gotten too. It doesn’t matter how many times my husband tells me that I’m beautiful and I’m not that fat, I feel ugly and repulsed. I’m sick of being the fat friend, the fat mum and not being able to buy the clothes I like because I know they wouldn’t look good on me!!

I’ve got 6 stone to lose. My starting date officially will be when I start slimming world, but I’ve started with the 8th March as that’s when I decided enough enough! The group I want to go to will be on a Friday morning, so my weigh days will be then.

thanks for reading.

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Hello, not many of us still on this forum, I lost weight a few years ago, put it back on, so here I am again. Joined SW online 3 weeks ago, as I feel that the group support is not for me. Good luck.:)
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Welcome back both. Let this year be your year to achieve the weight loss you want.


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Welcome back @TashB to minimins. Quite a few years ago I lost 8 stone by just eating more healthy. But then I took my eye of the ball by repeatedly saying one won't matter. Before I knew where I was I had spiralled out of control. I put the 8 stone back on and then some. This time round I decided not to go it alone so joined SW online. I have been following the programme now for some 18 months and lost over 6.5 stone. I have gradually overtime changed the way I eat and now it has become second nature. In the beginning I struggled to keep my syns within the allotted amount. But now I am consistently around 10 syns. I have been away twice during this time. Both times I have eaten just what I wanted outside the lodge. But in the lodge I have eaten SW friendly meals. Ok I have put weight on. But I have a planned menu to return home to so I get back on plan quickly and not let myself spiral out of control. I soon lose the weight put on during my holiday. Now my weight loss is slow but better than putting weight on.