Step4 1200kcal Hello anyone who is still here


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I used this site a lot previously but haven’t been here for a while and it seems very quiet now. 3 weeks ago I was at the highest weight I’ve ever been. It shocked me. Honestly Covid had a lot to do with it and I think I actually developed a mild fear of leaving the house because of it. It affected my mobility and I’m now having to use a rollator to walk around. Even with that I’m in a lot of pain. Anyway I finally decided enough was enough and rejoined cwp but because my BMI is so high I had to do step4. I couldn’t afford to do it all on shakes so I am having 800 cals a day and 2 shakes and honestly I’m finding it ok so far. I do struggle with the water sometimes but the sunshine helps with that. I really want to get more active and get out of the house more as I think I came perilously close to being bed bound and that was a bit of a shock. I’ve lost 1st 6 so far and can’t wait to start reaching my goals. I’m going to be posting here more often as I find it helps to write things down. Hoping someone else will be here as I found this site really supportive before.
The cwp website doesn’t have that many recipes and a lot of them are things my kids won’t eat. Anyone have any good ideas for step 4 meals ?
I think once you start losing more weight you will feel alot more confident to be more active.
Welcome back. It's a great site, I don't know how it's been so forgotten about. Maybe it doesn't appear high in Google searches
Hi, yep very quiet. Though I have been inactive for 5 months. Sorry to hear your mobility has reduced