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Hello... Im back!!!

I have been missing for the last couple of weeks, my toddler has been awfully poorly with tonsillitis and ear infections.. still is really.. so havnt had much computer time im afraid.
Diet went out of the window too.. have had quite a few naughty moments :sigh:
Hadnt weighed since 20th Jan, and im 1.5lb down on that weight today.
Pretty pathetic result but shall dust myself off and get on with it again now.
36 days til holidays.. must squeeze chubby bottom into swimming costume so absolutely no more cheating.:jelous:

How is everyone??

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Alway see the love x
Hi. Sorry to hear your little 1 isnt well, theres so much of it about, that time of year GGrrrrr.....
Good luck with your restart......Where u going on ur holiday? I long for the sun..

Woofy X
Hi again. Had another awful night with him but he seems slightly better this morning.

We are off to tenerife with my extended family, we want to do quite a bit of walking when we are there so I will have to try and get a bit more fit before then, lol. xx
Hi Cookie. 1.5 down is better than 1.5 up at least eh? You should be able to knock a goodly amount off in 5 weeks anyway and that will make you feel better on your hols.

I love Tenerife - haven't been for far too long - note to self - book something! Yeah!

Hope lickle one's feeling better soon x
Hi Rach, hope your little one gets better soon, it's difficult to think about eating right when you have problems like that.
Vast improvement today, normal chaos has resumed.

Still finding it a bit difficult to eat right, im not cheating, but having too little probably, missed tea last night, had fried brekkie this morning, and missed lunch today.
Need to get back into eating at regular times now the pressure is off with wee man.

Sorry to hear about your little one, its horrible when they are poorly. Nice to meet you :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
so sorry to hear youre little mans been off colour , theres nothing worse than the anxiety for a sick child , youd take it for them wouldnt you ?
next time you feel like straying ask yourself if doing whatever youre about to do (whether its have something offf limits or skipping a meal)is going to help / make you feel better . by stopping and asking yourself this the answer will probably be no it wont help , and hopefully that will give you the focus to do what you need to do for YOU XXX
Ive tried that before.. would this chocolate cake really make me feel better.. no really.. would it?

and by that point all thats left is crumbs, lol.

I know what you mean though, I think I have to look at it longer term things.. like the chocolate cake might make me feel better now.. but will I still be so glad I ate it in 2 months when im still fat, lol.

The skipping meals is just that ive been so manic the last couple of weeks that ive got out of routine with eating at proper times, so before I know it hours have passed and I havnt hadd anything.. will try and make proper time from tomorrow.

Awww holidays, the only bad thing about being single!

Glad to see you back and rearing to go!
Well.. I tend to weigh myself every day, naughty I know and I know itll go up and down but im a bit fed up at the mo.
On friday I was 1lb down on my tuesday weigh in weight. Saturday, 0.5lb down, today 0.5lb up. :cry:
I can only think that I have maybe had too many onions in my coddle the last 2 days (stew) or that missing a few meals has messed me up a bit.
Hoping itll sort itself out before tuesday.

I measured myself tonight also, and that has changed:
Waist -1in
Hips -0.5in

Since xmas08 total of 10.25in
Since xmas07 19.5in

So I shall concentrate on the positive, even if I dont lose this week im still a bit smaller in size and a bit healthier. :rolleyes:

Still a bit fed up tho, lol. xx
Just done a LCM order to cheer myself up:
1 x Tortilla Wraps Original
1 x Carbquick Bake Mix Original
1 x Carbophobia Microwaveable Cake Mix Chocolate Sponge
1 x Atkins Advantage Bars Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat
2 x Atkins Advantage Bars Caramel Cookie Dough
3 x Atkins Advantage Bars Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch
2 x Atkins Advantage Bars Caramel Fudge Brownie
2 x Atkins Advantage Bars Marshmallow Mudslide
1 x Atkins Day Break Bars Cranberry Almond
1 x Atkins Day Break Bars Creamy Cinnamon Bun
2 x Duke and Mandarine 38g Bars Milk Praline
2 x Duke and Mandarine 38g Bars Milk Caramel
1 x Duke and Mandarine 38g Bars Solid Milk
1 x Cavalier 85g Chocolate Bars White

Yum yum.. looking forward to trying the new mudslide bars! xx

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