Hello! Newbie here back on the SW diet going at it alone!

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  1. LadyKayla

    LadyKayla New Member

    Hello everyone!

    Upon my googling, I found this amazing and helpful forum and I felt compelled to sign up. I'm re-starting my weight loss journey with Slimming World again - but this time I decided to go at it alone!

    The last time I went to Slimming World, I loved it. I loved the group I was in and all of the advice and tips. I lost 2st in 3 months but had to leave as my ex partner and I were moving and I also fell ill with gallstones. And now after a few years of procrastinating and moving around the country and finding a new partner, I've decided it's time to give it a go again! My partner has been extremely helpful and positive in my slimming process and has really made me enthusiastic to give it a go again. In a week and a half I've lost 6lb and I'm looking forward to awarding myself with a half stone award on Saturday. :)

    I look forward to sharing my weight loss journey with you ladies and gents and learning a lot on the way!

    Kayla :sign0144:
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  3. Hootiemcbob

    Hootiemcbob Full Member

    I rejoined Slimming World nearly 2 weeks ago - I couldn't do it without group but this is the first time I've found this forum. Last time at SW lost 2 stone 5.5lb and looking for a LOT more this time round. Lost 4.5lb first week and really want my half stone award next week :) good luck xx
  4. Another Tracy

    Another Tracy Full Member

    Hi :)

    I'm going it alone too, I'm not much of a club joiner, Good Luck and well done on your weight loss so far :)
  5. Hootiemcbob

    Hootiemcbob Full Member

    Well it's definitely working - 11.5lb in 3 weeks :) I went to SW before when it was red and green (old times) and now with the EE plan it's even better :)
  6. BumbleB

    BumbleB Full Member

    Wow that's a fantastic loss!! Well done! :)

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