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Hello :)


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Hi Everyone,

I am Claire starting Slimming World again recently and have been looking at the forum over the last couple of weeks so felt it was time to join :)

I have approx 30KG to loose (maybe more when I get there) and I would like to do it this year.

I am doing the Slimming World diet and do it at home as I live overseas so have all the books etc from when I was living in the UK.

Look forward to meeting loads of new people :)

Claire x
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Hi claire,
I'm new too, and also dieting over seas. If anything I find it easier to diet and exercise here. In the uk I just want to curl up in my duvet and eat,
but when the sun shines its so easy to go for a walk or a run!

I'm the same, have about 30kgs to lose, I'm on low GI, it is tough as I also have pcos so that make it twice as hard to lose weight!

Good luck with everything!



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Hi Verity,

I agree when the weather is good then its much easier to exercise and be active....I enjoy my morning walks along the beach and where we are we have "free gym equipment" in the community parks too....they have no resistance and many are rusty after a wet winter but still better than nothing!

Where in the world are you based? I am in Turkey, love the place and the cuisine however tend to cook with too much olive oil and lots of bread involved in the food here! :(

Hope to chat soon good luck too

Claire x
I'm in italy, also near the sea, I went swimming the other day but it was freezing!
no free gym here, but I run every day, started the couch to 5k programme, or my own version of it!

I work in a hotel and although its closed for the winter I cook for all the owners and other workers everyday, being Italy, like turkey we use a lot of olive oil, bread, pasta and rice, But now I've started the low GI its not too hard.
Olive oil is low gi, so thats good, and I just substitute pasta for wholemeal. and I found out today I should be having 6 snacks a day, as well as 3 meals so I'm happy!
only problem is that wholefoods are really expecive here.

also have you looked at the slide show, it really is good, I want going to go running yesterday beacuse i had a bit of a cold, and I watched it and went straight out!!!!

keep in touch, and let me know how slimming world works out for you




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Hi Verity,

Wow I just watched the slideshow thats amazing and also a real motivator to see that other people can do it and therefore so can I!!!

Thats good that you can still use some olive oil and wholemeal pasta etc, I am liking the SW diet....hoping that Iwill loose weight....I need to increase my activity level so thats my main objective for next week.

Hope you have a good day.

Babooshka thank you for the welcome message :)

Claire x
Just thought I'd give you an update....
4KGs lost!


Hope you're doing well!



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Wow thats brilliant well done!!

I have lost 1KG this week - seems tiny in comparison!! I am aiming for 5KG over March so gonna get active for next week :)

Have a great weekend :)

Claire xx
Well done!
I think most of it was water retention, I've been drinking about 2 litres a day so that gets rid of a lot of water weight!
Have fun whatever exercise you decide to do and good luck with your march goal!
Have a good weekend too!

v x

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