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help - cat weeing everywhere!

I have a 6 year old persian, Cassie, who stays indoors only. Since decorating a bedroom upstairs, her favourite hideaway I must add, she has refused to use her litter tray and has started to wee on our beds:mad::mad::mad:

I just don't know what to do as I can't live like this. I have put waterproof covers over the duvets and matresses so that we just have to wash the covers, but it is so impacticable and the covers are making the kids sweat at night.

Hubby was reading on top of the bed and she even weed all over him - he was furious.

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Hmmmm she is not a happy bunny......can you shut her in the bath room with her litter tray....or any other small room with no furnishings.
Is she drinking more too.......she my be diabetic.........or she just doesnt like the new smells of the new room.
Try talking to your vet if it doesnt improve.
Hi Jacqui_xm

I am new to this site so forgive me if I'm using it wrong. I have just read your message and know just what you are going through, my dog did the exact same thing.

If you have to was the bed or any furniture, try not to use disinfectant as this only aggravates the problem, instead dulute your washing powder with water and clean up with this, the smell of disinfectant gives off a similar smell to their urine.

Do try leaving her in a room with the tray and keep putting her into the tray so she starts to get her smell there.

Really hope this helps you, and good luck.

Lorna London


Minimins gal x
I have just bought a product from the pet shop to try and stop my pup chewing but it is really for cats and dogs to stop them forming bad habbits when u r trying to get them house trained, it is called Shaws Reppel all. It gives a strong odour to cats and dogs and stops them using that place to wee. I have sprayed it all over my woodwork as he chews my woodwork,u can use it on ur soft furnishings and it does not stain, the smell goes away around an hour later after applying but they can always smell it and they staw away from it.
Hope this might help u, take care x
Maybe she has a urine infection? I would give the vet a call and have her checked out. Then at least you 'll know whther she is ill or just being a bit naughty! Hope you get it sorted soon. xx
i had this problem last year, i contacted the vet and the cats protection league for advice. they told me that cats suffer from stress. sometimes if something in the home changes they get freaked out about it, this is most likely why shes peeing in the house. the fact that her room has changed has caused her distress. she should stop doing it when she feels more settled again. in the meantime you nned to clean and disenfect the areas where she has peed, becasue if she can smell it she will pee in the same place again.
My cat Daisy used to pee on my bed all the time, I got very annoyed with it I was going thru at least 4 new duvets a month.
Stress can cause it, I sussed that it was noise that was making her do it, we had new neighbours underneath - i lived in a flat and they were forever banging.
What I did do was to buy a cheap shower curtain ftom Tesco for 97p and put it over my bed with a cheap fleece blanket thing - again from tesco for about £3, it is easy to wash those than to keep buying new duvets!

The neighbours moved out after amonth - they got evicted and as soon as the noise stopped she was fine.

Try using a cheap shower curtain and blanket until she settles again.

I have moved house now and I had to transprt my cats 120 miles and 2 hrs in the car and got a product called Feliway which is a hormone relaxant kinda thing that you can also buy for stress, I used that for a week before I moved and sprayed my car for a few days before I moved and I did notive a difference, I have also got my cat to stop scratching the chairs using it so maybe you could by can of this too, If you would like the web address I bought it from please drop me a message, it is cheaper than buying it in the shops!

Hope all goes well with Puss.


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