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Help Please! - Day 9 of SS - Constipated

Hi All,

Apologies for this thread but i am really upset and fed up.
I want to go to the loo but its too hard (sorry for tmi) so i started taking Dulcoease yesterday lunch time (it softens) i took 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and just took another with my lunch shake.

Its there and wanting to come out but it just wont :( dont know what to do.

I am feeling a little bloated and have my WI tomorrow night :(

Would it be alright to take a senakot now so i can go this evening? (i dont wanna wait until tonight) i just want it gone!

(i had been taking Fibre89 to prevent)

Please help!
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if it is 'there ' but too hard to pass .. you need to tackle the problem from the other end........
Glycerin suppositories .. I have to use them now and again , Boots sell them and they have all the instructions on them . Taking the laxatives will soften stuff higher up in your system but not the stuff that is right at the end I am afraid , so once you have passed that you may have the runs for a while !!! ( I am a nurse by the way !)


hoping for a good loss
lol, was going to suggest the same. Great nurses think alike
Thanks hun

Oh tonight is gonna be SOOO fun! NOT!!

Thank you!


Lovin it !!! :)
Also, just to add, there is no point taking fibre stuff until the problem has cleared so to speak - that is just used to "prevent" further blocks after it has cleared lol - it will only add to the prob if there is a backlog :)

I suffer dreadfully from constipation on CD & take a couple of constipation relief tabs every week to keep everything in order lol
Thanks Fitz,

I have stopped taking the fibre since yesterday until the problem is cleared. (when it first arose).
Just to let you all know, I am now unblocked, and 4lbs lighter!!! :)


hoping for a good loss
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, party time for the unblocking!!!!!!! Bet you feel happier and more comfortable now.

But 4lb of poo!!!!!!!!!! Thats some poo lol

I swear by Movicol as I suffer dreadfully with constipation on CD. They really work a treat.

Glad you pooed. Charlie xx
Thanks, i have heard the dulcolax can be VERY harsh on the tummy?

The fibre89 obviously does nothing for me :(

Gonna have to get some psyllium husks (however they are spelt) in table form i think. Will take a senakot twice a week to keep things moving. I hope i can stop this from happening again. Otherwise i will have to go to SS+ which i really dont want to do yet.

Thank you all for your help :)

Roll one WI 1 tomorrow :)

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