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Help with Telescope as Christmas Present???


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Hi, i bought my son a telescope/star gazer from toys r us but now im wondering if the cheaper one is actually a better one, does anyone know about telescopes that can help me out please?

This is the one i bought.........

*EDU Science Star -Gazer 70 Tel*, was £69.99 down to £49.99

Though im wondering if the following one is in fact a better one for him to have

*EDU Science Core Telescope* was £49.99 now down to £39.99

Any help would be much appreciated as i dont want to let him down and im pretty useless at astrology.
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Still Climbing That Hill!
Sorry I can't help. Just wanted to say you're looking for asTRONomy help not asTROLogy. Astrology is star signs as opposed to stars :)

Maybe google the two and see if you can find reviews?
Opps sorry i did mean astronomy, it was late :eek:
I have goggled them but still non the wiser lol.



Still Climbing That Hill!


Still Climbing That Hill!
Take a look at the below link for loads of info

Beginner's Guide to Astronomy

Trust me you'll need to spend serious money to get great results. On the plus side, it will enable you to see if your son has a feeling for the hobby and safe a lot of heartache (as well as cash) in the long run lol.

Ohh thanks for that link makes some interesting reading, i knew i'd have to spend a lot more than i did to get a really good telescope but didn't want to over do the expense at this moment in time just in case son loses interest, hopefully with a bit of patience and perseverance the one i bought will be good enough for now.
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Very wise - I did so much research a few years ago. You can even get a scope now that you programme it with your location, co-ordinates etc. and it will automatically find any planet, star, constellation etc. via remote control!

You need a very dark location - a back garden with little or no neon lighting. Only placed worked for me was our caravan in the woods lol.


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If I may say so, what a fab pressy! I infected both sons with a love of astronomy, and now one is doing research on meteors for the Natural History Museum. Brian Cox is currently filming a series for the BBC about the universe, coming next year. They had a cheapo telescope to start with, and now no1 son has an expensive jobby. Just encourage him, and did you know you can classify galaxies on Galaxyzoo? Could get something named after you.

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