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Hi Peachy

It is definitely recommended to use them. It balances out your weight loss. You need the essential nutrients these foods provide. Also, you should aim for your syns to be about 10 I would say, that way when you start to plateau you can reduce them to give yourself a boost again.

I don't always use all of my H.E's or syns but I certainly don't have none. Try to stick to plan and you'll soon see the fantastic results hun.

Best of luck xx
Hiya :)

It's recommended that you do use at least 5 syns a day and your healthy extras - you need the nutrients that they provide in your diet. Some people in my group seem to struggle to lose weight if they just eat free food and miss out the other bits, so I'd recommend it if at all possible.

I struggle with the A choice sometimes as I'm not a big milk/cheese eater but my B is always gone by lunchtime!
ahhh thanks guys, thats great, i will try and use all my hxras and also some of my syns.... been looking at the recipes on here, some sound really nice!! well in my 1st week so hopefully it will be a positive one!!

Thanks again

The recipe ideas you get on here are fantastic and they inspire you to enjoy SW. I've found Minimins to be my lifeline. I'm sure you'll do great chick.

K x


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I didn't use many syns in my first week, and I really felt like I wouldn't be able to stick to it for long, so I soon changed my ways! You don't have to use all your syns every day, you can save some for the weekend so long as you don't carry any forward to the next week. Weekend synning definitely helps me keep to it.
Hi peachy, i also have a problem using my hex, don't know if its as a veggie or not. i use the hi fi bars a fair ammount, so if i have got to the evening and havnt used both my b choices I will have one of those-they are really nice too! good luck.
I'm the same with my HE especially the B.

I have cereal with a tiny amount of Skimmed Milk (approx 70mls) as i don't like milk really! Then have the odd coffee (max 2 per day). So I never use my full HEA on milk, I do like cheese so sometimes have 28g but I lurve cheese and always want more. SO if I don't eat it then I won't want it!

With my HEB's I use one for cereal in morning but don't always have 2nd.

Although I sometimes have one Alpen Light bar - you can have 2 as a HEB.



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Don't forget you can have some soups, humous or olive oil (1 tablespoon) and other things for a hex b, or a little meat, fish or nuts if you're having a green day. Or why not try extra easy? I could eat a lot more hex b's if I was allowed, I love cereals and toast.

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