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Heres the syns for cinema popcorn

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by claire-louise1990, 29 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Hi guys I've been searching for ages for the syns for cinema popcorn and haven't had any joy. So I took it in my own hands and went in cineworld website and worked it out usig he 20calorie rule. A large salted popcorn is approx 60syns
    A regular popcorn is approx 28syns

    Sweet isn't much different

    Think I'm gonna go for regular salted and just have minimum syns the rest of the week
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  3. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Have you tried the little bags sainsburys do? 2.5 syns a bag, salt and vinegar, salted or cheese and chive
    It's a multipack of 6 for £1.50 and great for low syn snack :)

    My new love is the metcalfe sweet and salted popcorn too...the pound shop does mini packs of 4 little bags which are 4 syns each!

    You could save loads of syns if you liked any of those...popcorn at the flicks and syns for the rest of the week = winner ;) x

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  4. I went to the cinema this week and took half a bag of haribo bonissimo (3.5) and a bag of tesco sweet and salted popcorn (3.5) and had a HUGE diet pepsi, didnt feel like i ws missing out and still have syns to enjoy the rest of the week :) win win
  5. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Thanks guys :) I do like the metcalfe popcorn. It's the smell of cinema popcorn that does it for me. What is the haribo that you said? Don't think I've heard of it and was it half of a large bag of it? Xx
  6. ejgemmag

    ejgemmag Full Member

    I take rainbow drops they're 2.5 syns for the small 12g bags you get in poundland, I take a couple of those and some mikados which are half a syn each
  7. Caspione5

    Caspione5 New Member

    Thanks for posting this :) it's really helpful
  8. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    I had the heat n sweet Metcalfe skinny popcorn when I went cinema yesterday, 112 calories per 25g and it was a 75g bag. So for the whole bag it was 75g skinny popcorn (336calories - 17syns)... bag lasted a long time, and I didn't feel I was missing out at all :) the other flavours are slightly lower/the same but it's also cheaper than buying at the cinema, as the whole bag was £1 from Sainsburys! x

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